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New Warg / Kerberos bug that I haven't seen mentioned yet

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?

I faced a 4 x Kerberos team, which I destroyed simultaneously with Gard’s Avatar. The 4 Kerberos’ were replace by 4 Wargs, as was expected. As I started killing Wargs, the one in the 3rd slot died and SHOULD have summoned a Warg. Instead, he was replaced by a brand new KERBEROS. I subsequently killed him and he summoned a Warg.

What are the steps to make it happen again?

I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.


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I’m actually stuck in the battle now. I show 3 troops on the enemy team but my AOE spells only hit the 1st slot. The third troop appears to be silenced but the numbers are showing.

EDIT: While I was uploading screenshots, I killed the first Warg and damage spilled over to the 2nd Warg. It appears I cannot damage the 2nd Warg until the first one is dead. Strange indeed.

I’m pretty sure this guy in series won’t rise harder in the future. .


And one final update: When I finally kill the 1st Warg and he didn’t replace himself with another Warg, the match ended, even though there were still 2 Warg’s left (in slots 2 and 3).

@Sirrian, @Nimhain,

Should I open a ticket?

We’re already investigating some of the issues with Kerberos/ Warg.

Please let us know if you manage to trigger it again (if you can get a video even better).

I had the same problem, but this actually caused me to lose the battle. Gard’s Avatar should completely shut down a 4x Kerberos team. But as you can see, I killed SO MANY Kerbs and Wargs that I got nearly 650 xp, yet I still lost because no matter how many I killed, at least one more would spawn, and eventually I couldn’t deal with spell/skull damage attrition. @Sirrian, @Nimhain please solve death glitches once and for all. It’s the one thing making the game nearly unplayable, especially in the current state.

I had same problem and I already mentioned it here:

Same happend to me. And it’s a bug with Wargs staying after dead not respawning. I won but there on enemy team there were 2 Wargs left on third and 4th position. Both had 21 hp left if that means anything. .

Not trying to thread-jack, but I just had a 4x Kerb team, wiped all but down to the last Warg and when I killed it 2 Warg spawned.

Should I bother with a bug report too or is this still under investigation? I thought it was “supposed” to be fixed.

Wow! Have not seen that one. Need to face some more 4 Kerberos team tonight. I fought a 3 Kerberos team 4x yesterday and it seemed improved but not fixed or balanced. For instance, I killed a Warg with 1 remaining Kerb on the board, and then two Wargs re-spawned. So I went to 2 Wargs and 1 Kerberos!! Ugh!

Seems Kerberos and Warg should only be allowed to trigger themselves. Maybe Devs have confirmed if the current situation where each Warg and Kerb can summon extra Wargs when a single Warg dies is intentional or a bug?

I think they need to stop allowing multiples of the same troops in presets/teams.

The issue in the original post is likely a graphical glitch due to a “ghost” kerberos being in the slot (which happens when multiple on-death or on-damage summon effects take place due to an AoE, such as with Orbweaver). There may or may not have been an actual Kerberos in that slot.

Others have reported this interaction already, so its up to you if you want to add your confirmation to it.

From the research and testing I’ve done, this is an extension of the main bug, being that that Kerberos’ traits aren’t cleared when a Warg gets death-summoned over it. The last Warg simultaneously triggered Pack Master and Gate Guardian. A single bugged Warg can actually summon three Wargs if you have more than one glitched slot due to the order of resolution (Pack Master triggers, which summons a Warg in the first spot, and if the first slot is bugged due to a Warg being summoned over Kerberos earlier in the fight, then both the dying warg and the newly summoned warg have a chance to trigger Gate Guardian). It is definitely 100% not fixed in the current Steam version of the game.

An FYI to everyone, stunning will not stop the on-death effect of the dying troop. The best way to avoid warg infinite is to stun as many of them as possible, then take them out one at a time. Stun is cleared on death before on-death effects are triggered (due to a separate issue), so simultaneously killing a bunch of stunned Kerberos won’t do you any good. You have to stun the ones you aren’t currently killing, and hope the one you are doesn’t trigger Gate Guardian. Once one or two are dead, you have a very low chance of actually glitching the slots and the rest should be easy to clean up.


I’m using a buff-loop Avatar team so that I don’t succumb to attrition. I just faced Tacet’s 4 x Kerberos team and although I won, the match lasted almost 25 minutes. LOL

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25 minute battles. It’s the very reason that we see so many meta/glitched troops lately. Sad.

One game I had where last remaining Warg after being killed resulted in 4 new Wargs a total of 7 times. I didn’t count how many times they spawned in numbers of 2 and 3. Got 1060 exp at the end.

Thats one I havent documented yet. I guess Gate Guardian is checked sequentially down the line instead of simultaneously, so one Pack Master from the last glitched Warg can trigger a Gate Guardian on the first, which can trigger a Gate Guardian on the second, and so on.

My guess is that Warg resumoms himself and GG goes off on other 3 kerb. I don’t think kerberos can summon a Warg on dying. Maybe I’m wrong.

Gate Guardian: 25% to summon a Warg when an ally dies. I think Kerberos can summon a Warg when he dies since Kerberos himself is count as ally.