Enemy not tracking Resource Gains

Now I wouldn’t be concerned about this except that I thought it had actually been fixed right after Gog and Gud (unless that guy one-hit me for some OTHER reason).

I mean, I thought it was fixed?

Pirate used his move, giving that big attack boost you can see, but it should also have netted them 30 gold or more and powered up Bonnie. Bonnie fired on my Infernal King (or she would have mana still, given she has Fast) and that only hit me for 35 instead of 50+.

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I figured this would require a code update, which meant it couldn’t possibly have happened prior to Guild Wars. I remember Sirrian saying it would happen, and that this took place during the Gog and Gud event.

Yup, in the next update:

I thought it was fixed

Bonnie Rose does 24 damage

After a couple of extra turns

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I know I’ve seen Bonnie hit me pretty hard this week. I need to test this some more.

This suggests that gold from 4- and 5- matches is correctly counted, but gold from spells is not. By extension, souls from spells (hello, Pharos-Ra!) would also not be considered at present, while souls from killing player troops ought to be.

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I think you are right

Bonnie on her own does 28 damage

Add in extra turn gold, a Pirate cast and her 2 casts that killed my last Krystenax she should do over 78 damage but she only did 59.

Some soul damage proof… and some anomalys (screenshots incoming). Test done in a friendly game vs myself.
Base Damage.

First cast of spell, does 14 damage as expected.

Second card, still does base damage. Enemy didn’t gain souls from Pharos’ spell.

This is where it gets weird… Skullbeard died, which should give 1 soul. But Pharos does 4 extra damage.

The only possibly explanation I can think of (and this makes no technical sense), is that somehow the 1 soul from Skullbeard was multiplied by the 2.95 soul modifier I currently have. (which I still think would only end up as 3 souls form the 1…)

Can I have one of your Pharos-Ras to do some testing of my own? You can’t really need both of them.

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Heh, I’d let you have one if I could. I got one when he was released, and Path to Glory II decided to give me one of the few mythics I already had :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the next major patch is where it needed to be fixed?

It seemed to lose the tracking when we migrated servers.

Why would you expect more than 100? The boost factor is 2:1 and you can at most collect 100 gold, which caps extra damage from gold at 50.

Yep you’re right. It should have been 78 damage.

Two of her casts is 2 * 15 = 30 gold, the pirate cast is 10 + 3 * 5 = 25 gold, all together divided by two is 27.5 extra damage. Add in the 28 base damage and we are at 55.5 damage, which is slightly below your 59 damage due to not yet factoring in 4/5-matches.

That has got me really confused now. All I know is 2 Bonnie casts is 30 gold + 2 Pirate cast (Forgot he cast a second time) is 60 gold + 1 4 match with 3 greedy is 10 gold that’s max gold and should have done 78 damage.

47 attack

+22 each cast

=91 attack

Can’t really fit in that additional Pirate cast. Some things to consider would be that Bonnie only adds the gold after dealing damage, Yarr! gold is boosted by Rogue allies still alive and Greedy also needs the troop to still be around.

Hmmm, the screenshots show one Pirate gone, so this could be 15 gold from the first Bonnie cast, 2 * (10 + 2 * 5) = 40 gold from the two Pirate casts, 4 + (2 * 2) = 8 from Greedy 4-match, which would result in 28 + (15 + 40 + 8) / 2 = 59.5 damage. Only works if “allied Rogues” is treated as “troops other than me classified as Rogue” though.