AI Configuration for Defense

There are a lot of ideas around about how to improve Defense IA, since is actually quite stupid. It doesnt matter what cards do you have, 99% of the time is easy to win defenses, not only for the first turn being OP, but because you can cheat IA to do what you need.

IA configuration could be some easy thing like PRIORITY MOVE. Right now is obvious that this is:
Extra turn combos > Skulls > Gem Effects > self effects > damage effects or something like this, so, why don’t you allow us to pick this order?
Some card teams are good if skulls are priority, other cards needs more priority to activate than the rest, some times card order isn’t priority to activate order.
A mechanism to configure the IA of our defense may give us more interest in it, because right now, i dont find any reason to loose time checking my defense because i know its configured to be dumb no matter what team i create.