Test Your Defense!


Test your own Defense.

This means to fight your own defense and see how it’s played.

This can be even further improved by allowing us to modify how the AI plays our deck to suit it’s specific build.

Imagine double and triple checking your build, then customizing the way it’s played get it supremely tuned.

I’d imagine climbing the ladder would be a bit more difficult at the higher levels (I’d enjoy this).


A heroes tale of glory

Uping that post since I was thinking the same and was about to create another topic.

Really want to have that option to see how the AI uses the cards I give it.


+1 I love this idea. I remember when I used to play Yu-Gi-Oh: Forbidden Memories on PS1, I used to battle the guy who copy my exact deck to test it, and it was really helpful.


Damn, I have to play that game again. Even if its system is flawed.


The game is awesome. Probably the best game for that plataform, well, with some nostalgia it gets rated higher.


Playing games against the def team I set? (to avoid exploits no entry fee but also no gains of any kind…)

I would love that for sure!


This feature should be implemented in the defense portion of the pvp tab for better game flow i would think.


Would be nice for sure. I know for a fact that the AI doesn’t play my team correct because it has a very specific strategy.

The AI is so dumb though, I doubt any team I put together would be played correctly.


choose a team build that the ai was programmed to use effectively and correctly. The reason above all that goblin teams work well is because the ai has a team almost exactly like it in the story. The ai also can play worms effectively as well. take a team that is used by the ai and then put it on your defense team and you should win a little more.


I like this idea. Also, I’d like the ability to watch a replay my defensive matches, so I can see where the problems lie, especially against teams I don’t have.


i would like to watch my defense played by the ai. I want to find out if it is piloting my team effectively.


I don’t think that will reveal anything. Aside from the “pick 4-5 matches” and “pick skulls” priority, I don’t think there’s a method to pick 3 matches, when to cast a spell, who to target for a spell, etc. Two games played between the same teams would be totally different.


On the PS4, when I have a Troop like Valkyrie charged up, the AI will actively attempt to disrupt large combos by matching the colour I need. So there’s some kind of logic the AI is following when it makes moves.


LadySapphire said a while ago that on the Xbox, the AI does not automatically take 4-5 matches and match skulls when the choice is there. Is that true on the PS4?


On the PS4, the AI seems to have this priority;

  1. 4 & 5-matches (it will use every available one, though it will miss 5-matches in favour of 4-matches)
  2. Skulls (the first 2-3 moves sometimes the AI ignores Skulls for Mana, even 3-matches)
  3. Disrupting combos
  4. 3-matches


The AI behaves slightly randomly while the player is low level… once you hit level 50 (I think) it straightens out and follows a set (predictable) order of rules:

  • match 5 skulls
  • match 5 gems
  • match 4 skulls
  • match 4 gems
  • cast some spells (see below)
  • cast other spells
  • match 3 gems

If more than one 4- or 5- match exists, it will do the one lowest on the board.

Spells have an in-built ‘priority’ that affects the order and chance that the spell is cast. You can only work this out by watching AI teams… Bone Dragon (for example) seems to have very low priority, so AI will always cast any other spell before using that one.

The AI doesn’t seem to intelligently choose which mana colour to take - sometimes it deliberately takes what you need - other times it ignore the only colour it can collect and does something else - so I think this part if pretty random.

AI also choose targets for spells quite randomly (and so stupidly)…


Do you play on normal difficulty? I always play at least on hard and the AI doesn’t behave the same.

I’d say normal from here, as, in my battles, AI always cast Bone Dragon’s spell first (on my highest armoured guy), and AI never choose mana color randomly : it will prioritize colors that BOTH of us use, then the color he uses, then the color I use, then other colors.

It also seems to use that color priority order when there are several 4 or 5 gem matches.



I’ve noticed the same thing with the Mana choice. The AI seems to not care too much about which colour it targets, often ignoring what it needs for nothing in particular. I’ve seen it match a colour neither one of us needs.

On that note, if I have Valkyrie, the AI tries everything it can to interrupt a 4-match, without fail.


No Difficulty setting on PS4/Xbox1 yet, otherwise I’m sure the AI would play smarter. It’s too easy at the moment.


I’m playing on normal difficulty, and I think this is exactly how the AI behaves. It’s most apparent when playing against X4 Rock Worm (or similar single-color team), the AI will zealously pick any brown match I leave on the board by mistake, and if there is no brown, it will pick green which I need most . If that was not the case, Rock Worm teams would be completely worthless. Similarly when fighting goblins, they will always pick green which we both need.

As for anyone who said that sometimes the AI picks seem random - Sure, this happens sometimes. Also happens sometimes that the AI holds on from casting a spell for no good reason, just to do something worthless and practically waste the turn. These cases seem to me like the AI is programmed to make errors sometimes - on purpose. Not sure why though. Maybe it’s to lower the overall difficulty, similar to combo-breaker. Some people did complain it the past that the AI plays “too perfect”.