Defense team behavior setting

Been testing some new defense teams and we should have a setting to adjust team behavior. Sometimes the IA will never cast spell when 2 or more other troops are ready to throw out bigger fire than skulls, especially when they are facing tanks and titan’s barrier.

We should have the option to chose the priorities of troops’ spells and set them before skull attacks when they are charged, instead of spamming skulls when 4 troops are all ready to go and hitting the targets that have skull damage reduction lol.

Meanwhile, some IA behavior needs adjustment too. For example the Turtlecannon never chooses the right place to put down the spell when 3 or more skulls are in the range. Most of the time he willl only explode one skull when he could get more. As well as Fenrir’s targeting, he rarely heals the right target (or the first I should say lol).

This was a feature they tried and it failed big-time. It was way more trouble than it was worth to try to micro manage the defense settings.

i tested a defense team with leprechaun on it and watched it over and over again take multiple turns before casting the leprechaun’s spell. pretty frustrating.