Two Features I'd Love to See

  1. The ability to set a different hero class for my defense team. As it currently stands your hero may have only a single class and that applies to any invade teams he happens to be on as well as defense teams. I would really like to see an ability to change the hero’s class for defense teams. It can still be subject to the current rules of hero classes, ie must wait 24 hours before changing defense class or it costs 50 gems.

  2. Programmable AI prioritizer. We already know that this exists in some form because the AI knows to take match 4/5s before anything else, and then to take skulls before gems. However, if we can set an AI set of commands for our defense team, then it would allow us to better utilize troops.
    A few examples:
    a. Telling the AI to ignore skulls if there is a 3 match of the color of your banner on the board.
    b. Setting parameters for Guardians to select only a certain color or skulls when casting their spell
    c. Setting a casting order for your troops for the AI to follow
    d. Setting a priority color for the match that the AI will match if possible

I understand that my second feature is a HUGE undertaking and it can literally be hellishly complex, but even something as simple as color priority and whether or not to take skulls can add a whole new layer of depth to the defense game.

What do you think? :wink:


First should be available no doubt about it.
Second would expect quite hard to implement I belive. It’s a good suggestions though :slight_smile:

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Need it.

Want it.

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