Script our defense teams

I have a question. How hard would it be to make it so that players could script their defense team? Because the AI doesn’t know how to use the team I have up for home defense correctly in order to win and I know the team is a great team it’s just if I’m not using it myself it loses.

Hello Clare!

We used to have a similar feature to this in the past. It took the form of players being able to set the AI’s gem preference, so they would prioritise certain colours over others. However, it presented a lot of problems, and was removed from the game. As such, we doubt a feature like this will be re-introduced.

Thanks for your feedback!

I heard, lol. Is there really any way to make a defense team work correctly then or is it just at the mercy of the AI? How does the AI even choose what to do?

But it’s not really about which match the AI is matching. It’s more about the intelligence.

I saw very often, that when the AI is ready to cast with a troop, then he is keep matching useless gems.

I saw some videos of Tacet of his last GW fights. He was fighting against our Guild and how the AI was acting there was just stupid. There was a Yao-Guai ready to cast, even with a save extraturn, but the AI is matching some gems. Why the hell isn’t the AI casting? Especially on GW? Why is this AI so stupid there?

Also a case with Infernus. He was ready to cast, instead the AI is matching a skullmatch against the Hero with barrier. So just why?

The AI isn’t stupid he is just following his program. :neutral_face:
Let us be clear about one thing: Artificial Intelligence is something not (yet) existing.
Why everybody keeps calling it AI is a riddle to me. The only thing the “AI” does is what he’s programmed for and that can never be as smart as the human mind (for now)
For a real AI I think we’ll have to wait several decades… :smile:

Thank you! This is what I’m talking about. As well as if the AI has a skull match on it’s turn, I’ve seen it straight up ignore it and collect Mana that none of it’s characters need. Same with 4 of a kinds.

Exactly, that’s what I want to be able to manipulate a little bit. I want it to know that for instance in my best team, I use Staff of Visions on my hero at the top 100% of the time. That makes it so that the top troop is barriered as well as given Mana to do it again AND enchanted. I can cast it three turns in a row and my top guy just shields the team. I want to be able to make sure the AI also uses that strategy, otherwise my team is screwed

I got your point, but nevertheless the computerenemy in a videogame is called AI, but it’s just following the program of the programmers, as you said.

But then let’s come to the next points. How is this “AI” programmed then, that it is doing such “stupid” moves? I guess there must be some kind of order like “match 4 gems first, if not possible, then match skulls first, if not possible, then match a color you need first, if not possible, cast with troop x”.

Here a example: Minute 11:32. Yao Guai is ready to cast with a save extraturn, but still the “AI” is casting with Flammifer. So what exactly was priorizing, that he is refusing the save extreturn? Wasn’t the AI able to recognize, that there is this extraturn possible?

Now the most ridiclious move some seconds later on minute 11:54. Yao Guai is STILL able to cast and again with a save extraturn on the bottom left. What is the AI doing? Matching some useless skulls against hero with BARRIER.

I mean cmon…it’s Guild Wars and if you see, how your team is acting in such fights, then you really have to ask yourself, why we keep discussing the best def-teams week for week, when the AI can’t cast the easiest move.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who sees this as an issue. Especially in GW, my home defense I’m not AS worried about.

This type of thing is EXACTLY what I want to be able to control. As well as like I said with my team being able to make sure it only casts Staff of Visions on my hero at the top.

Scripting teams is probably a little bit too advanced for the game at the moment and some defs can do well one wars and rubbish the next. I don’t expect the AI to strategically play a board control loop team effectively. So now my defs are simple fill and fire decks. The meta defs past and present do/did well for that reason…divines, goblins, mab and now eye and Yao. Monkey see monkey do. No point expecting more from AI…it’s not a chess machine.

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