Agile in 1.0.9. - creating mutliple matches

How exactly does Agile work in 1.0.9 - is it checked every hit or once for the whole attack? I mean: when I create a bunch of skulls (with BD or KoS), so that there are e.g. 5 skull matches is it checked for every match independently or is it “all or nothing” thing?
I’m pretty sure it worked as “all or nothing” (i.e. “nothing” :frowning:) a couple of times in my case, which is… more than a little annoying. I’m not reporting it as a bug, cause it may be intended that way, but I’d like to be sure.

Pretty sure it’s intended as the devs likely haven’t figured out a way to make the damage independent without recreating the old Sheggra bug. (Which would now apply to BD and KoS as well.)

For those unaware of what the “Sheggra Bug” is, it worked like this: Sheggra uses her spell, all reds become skulls, 2+ skull matches are formed, each attack hits independently, whole opposing team is now dead. GG

I can’t honestly see this being corrected. As it is, I’m still holding out hope for Entangle to prevent any skull damage without reducing attack to 0 (and no longer being cured when boosting attack).

I think there is some amount of independence. There was a bug in 1.0.8 where a single agile troop would remain on the board at the end of a match. It only ever happened after a multi-skull combo, and the agile dodge animation would show. However, the game would treat the unit as dead thereafter; no mana gained, skulls would involve later units instead of the quasi-dead one, etc. What seemed to be happening was that Agile would trigger on one set of skulls, but the next set(s) went through, doing enough damage to kill the unit.