Agile glitching?


Theres a glitch ive seen a few times fighting the agile trait,say theres 2 enemy left alive the top one has agile sometimes when its proc’d and if it had’nt you wouldve killed it,it still registers that you did so the next skull match will kill the troop below it while it looks like the top card is still alive and then it will give you a victory…lol

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Haha, haven’t seen that but would like to… try my 4x Dire Wolf defence for it :smile:


got a pic of it!


I just had an enemy with Agile evade two skull matches at once. Next, I used Wight’s Life Drain on the target and it took that damage and one instance of skull damage from before. Seems odd!


I used Bone Dragon and then Sheggra on a troop with agile. It dodged it all then killed my bone dragon next turn. Was very sad


I’ve passed this on to the team to have a look at.


Thanks! :purple_heart:


Some additional information information on the Agile Glitch as it happened to me. If a troop triggers Agile, and receives lethal damage during a skull match, It’s health goes to “0” or possibly below 0, and it does not die, but can continue on.

If the images work, I have one where my Sea Serpent has died, but is still visible. It’s ability was fully charged, and could be fired off, but did not recharge after. After the Alchemist was killed, the match ended.

In the second screen shot the final Scout got a double tap from a skull cascade, and I could not kill it. It shows the Scout’s health at 0. (Well, I wasn’t willing to see if I could loop negative health all the way around. )

Well, I can’t seem to get the photos to upload right now.


My first encounter with evading troop: it dodged the first 3 skull matches. TP woul’d be glad to see those rare chances just work out most of the time. O,O


Could you try email them to support? I’ve passed the rest of your information on, in the mean time.


Screenshots emailed to support.


Thank you!


To people being affected by the Agile bug, quick question- where you using attacking with troops with True Damage?


I don’t think so.

It feels like a race condition in how multiple simultaneous skull matches get applied. I’m guessing it is buried in the Sheggra fix that prevented it’s ability from killing the whole team.

I will try to find some Agile, non-true damage challenges and pound on them tomorrow. (For fun of course, and see if I can find a better pattern.)


I sent you a screenshot and recreation steps. I was way to hyped trying to find this, so my sentence structure may suck.

  1. I used Anointed One with more than enough damage to fully kill a Sea Serpent.

  2. I had 3 skull matches (I think all 3 were 3 skulls only.) set up for when I would trigger Keeper of Souls.

If Agile triggered, the unit went into the un-death mode. Agile won’t always trigger, so you won’t always see it.

I hope this helps track it down.

Agile preventing game from finishing

I was using Wight’s true damage ability when my little glitch happened…


Hi @Nimhain
It’s happen for me too, but no true domage used.
You can do your test on the first challenge on Forest of Thorns, there’s 3 “glade warden” with this traits…
It’s happen sometimes, not allways, for my parts


Nope,in my case it happens every once in a while,but it is usually with skull dmg that equals the health of the troop.


Another question (trying to see if there’s any patterns between players)- When the dodge occurs had multiple gem matches occurred? Either like when Sheggra goes off or skull cascades?


Skeleton for me.