Agile preventing game from finishing

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Troop with agile trait got hit several times at once (via Sheggra spam). Agile triggered and the troop survived. It showed some remaining health but it did not die after taking further damage (no trait triggering). A closer look (see screenshot below) reveals the troop is actually dead and has 0 health. The game does not end though.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Spam some skulls against an agile troop. Troop was in the last slot and was the last one to die (might be important).

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I have seen the bug occur on troops with the Agile trait in any position of my or the opposing teams line up … it happens specifically when the troop first resists a barrage of skulls due to an Agile proc, but then dies from subsequent cascade of skulls where Agile doesn’t proc the second time around … doesn’t matter which position it’s in …

Has happened to troops on my team and troops on opposing teams :confused:

It’s repeatable, most commonly seen with Sheggra, Keeper of Soul and Bone Dragon skull spam where the first barrage of damage triggers the Agile proc, but the second barrage of damage from skull cascades doesn’t trigger the Agile proc and the troop dies, but remains on screen, but is not able to be targeted :smiley:

Got a screencap of it, notice after the Bone Dragon skull barrage damage, the next skull match damage goes to my second troop in line (and not the persisting first troop that scored an Agile proc on the skull damage barrage):


There is a second thread on this where they believe the bug is fixed for 1.0.9.

It has happened before but usually the game actually considers the troop dead and the game finished correctly. I suspect this particular bug happens only if the glitching troop is the last one to die.

Just happened to me, damn you dwaalkameel.

This issue still happening. Occurs when last troop (alive) has the agile trait activated during a mass skull attack. Even though the card on the front shows health, selecting it shows that health is at zero.

Neither spells nor skulls will finish the match.

I’ve had it happen on the first troop also.

Try to remember it has to be fixed in a Major Patch, so 1.0.9.

They announced 1.0.9’s anticipated features are being split into two patches, so hopefully the bug fix and balancing patch will drop in the next couple weeks. With the Hero Improvement patch coming in the future.

If the fix doesn’t get out beforehand (i’m not sure we’re are at there at the moment, it’s the weekend here). It should definitely be fixed in 1.0.9.

I was logging it because it was the first time I have been unable to finish a battle & had to close the app.

There are two issues around this agile glitching:

  1. Aesthetic - a troop dies, but is not removed from the board (can live with this one). Victory is still possible.
  2. Immortal Enemy - victory is not possible, no trophy, no glory, no gold, no keys, no maps and forced to retreat or quit app even though you have won. Wasted effort. Immortal enemy continues to play like normal & can win.

In no particular rush on the first, but the second needs to be addressed as early as possible.