AFTER conquering all 18 Kingdoms and doing their Cards will there be more revealed?


Just finished all the kingdoms for the PS 4 map…only cave left on the bottom right side left… but it is not activated ???

The problem now becomes a serious shortage to get souls/xp/gold …Other then PVP all the time…

Any input please currently lvl 129…Love the game otherwise …


There are 22 kingdoms on mobile currently, so yeah there will be more content incoming :wink:


We got 2 more waiting, pc has another 2 we can prolly expect next patch, maybe even more as it was hinted pc is gettin an ice based kingdom.


not sure its a good way to check, but i assume that if u look at the divided up land. You’ll notice that some have kingdoms and some don’t. I assume those places that don’t will have one eventually.


Yes. There are currently 23 that exist. PC/Mobile has 22 and consoles have 18. There are 30-31 slots on the map that will all be filled eventually. It is not impossible that they may eventually expand the map as well or have an entire new map to travel to. Around 30 kingdoms is the approximate likely amount for the total number of kingdoms this game will have.


Because they didn’t stop at 21, the math get VERY messy when it comes to balancing Mana Bonuses, Masteries and Skill Bonuses.

I do not envy the developers :grinning:


I forget the exact number but there are around 32 planned.


After 21, by my calculations you need to do Kingdoms by multiples of six to retain balance because of the new banners (+2, +1 & -1).

I’d say 33 then if your number is close to what the developers have in mind.


Time to work on getting all kingdoms to level 10 with one gold star. Then you really rake in the free loot every hour.


In regards to farming. Start with souls, they are the easiest and can be farmed using the valk in PvP or the arena. Both of which gives you glory. Horde your glory for the weekly events. These cards can vary from very week to very strong (e.g. Runesmith to Mercy) however the traits that come along with the cards are where you will get most of your arcanes. Don’t waste your glory trying to buy 16 stones when it’s a blue rarity week (1 stone per 300 glory). Value is not there (unless it is a troop you desperately want and it will make you happy). As tempting as it can be to ensure all your legendaries are traited first. Don’t. Trait what you need/want to play with your farming deck and then use your other stones to trait for kingdom star levels. Don’t go for more than 3 stars in any kingdom (with the exception of Zulkari if you run a magic heavy deck e.g. Demons). Getting your kingdoms to 3-stars bursts the flood gates on tribute rewards giving you more glory, souls and gems. If you have the cards to make the deck I personally recommend
Tank (Trent/Abhorath /Another stoneskin troop)
giant spider*
keeper of souls*.
However their are plenty of other posts around the forums listing other great farming lineups.

Glory chests while nice and pretty looking are glory pit. Wait for guild reward to get and spend glory keys. The weekly troops and their associated stones are far more rewarding and predictable in their loot table.


As a note, with a kingdom with 6 cards ascended to legendary and two cards still at epic it will take 8 total traits for three stars with all cards fully leveled.


I set an alarm for an hour to gather free loot while I watch TV. One gold star gives double loot, and having all cities unlocked and at least level 5 the loot pours in. Mine are almost all level 10 and I usually get about 3 emissaries giving loot too, so that’s 50+ souls, a dozen or so glory and a few keys and gems. Every hour. Donating 100 gold to guild will force loot to spawn if you’re not playing. That will also force any guild tasks to give you the reward.