Infinite Number of Kingdoms?

Just wondering, and I don’t know if they developers are at liberty to say, but how many kingdoms will we be getting for the long haul? I see that there is definitely A LOT more room to expand the map on PC/Mobile side. Does anyone know their plans or are we just going to be getting a finite amount of kingdoms on the existing map? I know there’s probably limitations on console, but they could probably expand the map some. I’m sure it all has to do with how much funding they get as well…

Basically I’m wondering how long you plan on supporting the game, and will there be a map expansion? (If you can’t say then just blink twice)

We need to expand into outer space

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To the moon jack!

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The +2/+1/-1 formula allows 120 combinations plus the 21 dual-color Kingdoms for a total of 141.

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141? I can’t wait to pass my profile on to the grandkids.


Then they introduce +3 and 4 new colours.

Realistically, I wonder what the plan is for those kingdom banners that have +2, +1 as they will never get through them all

Can you just imagine switching through 141 teams if they allowed it? 141 different team compositions. What a time to be alive.

I hope they balance them since 2/3 released so far are double Blue…

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Blue is kind of important still for most. Ive been running without Valkyrie in PvP for a while now though.

If you count each + as one, 7/9 are Blue and Purple and Green/Brown haven’t even been used.

More variety please.

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I would like to see a variety of kingdoms and troops as well. As it’s been said before mermaids, and pirates, sea creatures. Maybe the introduction of new mana colours too. (not sure what they’d be and highly doubtful) We need a Kraken, Leviathan, and a Black Beard troop please. Confirmations?

Great, more double Blue Banners…

E: I’m color-blind to Blue, so you can speculate why this irks me more than it should.

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I was trying to think of other troops and kingdoms, but nothing came to mind other than more vampires, wolves, giants, trolls, etc. I would say dragons, but I feel as though they get tons of love. I think the next mythic is a vampire right? We have a yeti, but we’re missing a Sasquatch and a Harambe army. No puns intended.

I think Blue is the least commonly used Minor (it was definitely before Glacial Peaks) for Traits

[quote=“HKdirewolf, post:13, topic:11569, full:true”]I think the next mythic is a vampire right?

The Vampire King lol

Gorilla kingdom sounds good to me :grinning:
Crossover with Game of Thrones.

Leprechauns would actually be pretty cool as long as they bring lots of gold and games with them.

I was also thinking it would be kinda cool if they had a Holiday kingdom, where every Holiday they release a new troop for it. Loads of options for troops there.


Rise-of-the-planet-of-apes-themed kingdom with a Gorilla King. Sounds nice.

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Flavor text on that Legendary HAS to be:

Rock me Amadeus

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