I don’t know if it’s possible but there doesn’t seem to be a way to find out how much of the world map you’ve completed unless you open up a area. I don’t know if mine is 100% as the last area said like 87% which to me meant there’d be another few but there aren’t any more.

So, basically, it’d be good to see what our overall world progress is. Plus general statistics (like how many battles, gold earned, etc).


There are currently 19 Kingdoms, so when you’ve got 19, you’ve got them all (until the next Kingdom release anyway).

There are some PvP win/loss statistics in 1.0.7 but yes, a few extra statistics would be nice.


Oh wait. When he says it it is fine but when I wanna see more numbers it is all like “No Sid, don’t make it too complicated” :disappointed_relieved:


There are only 17 kingdoms on mine. Is there 19 on the PC/Mobile version then?

@Sid, it would just be a simple page of statistics - a bit like GTA has in it’s main menu.


But I love GTA statistic :point_up:


There are definitely 19 on PC/mobile, but I don’t know how many might be missing from console.

Click the World Map link at the top of this webpage to see the current PC/mobile full world map and compare to your game to see what you and/or the console version are missing - it can be easy to miss a new Kingdom to unlock.


Seems Wild Plains and Grosh Nak don’t exist on console version. Unless they have special requirements to make them appear on the map.


Those two Kingdoms were the most recent to be included on PC, so it makes some sort of sense that they’re not on console yet. Hopefully they will be Soon™.