Adventure board

The adventure board is almost useless at higher levels,needs spiced up.

Careful what you ask for. See Epic Trials!


Careful what you ask for.

Heh, true.

I expect, like me, players regard the resources available, for the cost of about 24 spell casts, almost as an extension of the rewards for logging in. I would imagine it’s also the single-most played game mode and gets execs excited at the engagement stats, so it’d be an act of self-harm to make that part of the game much harder.


It’s good for my level. I mean, if the rewards are no longer attractive, just skip it and play some other content.

Lack of endgame content is one thing, tweaking an early game mode to appeal to endgame players is another.

Only if a mode is useless for everybody does it need to be tweaked.

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