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Adjust Guild Permissions

I think the time has come to adjust / refresh the permissions for Guild Roles!

Here is what i am talking about:

Contribute Gold
WHY should we not allow the contribution of Gold? Of course i want this permission on EACH Member - thats the main reason we invite new people^^

Invite Players
Defenitly a must permission to set - but not for 4 out of 5 roles! That has to be manually adjustable…

Its ok, nice to have - nothing game chaniging…

Shield and Recruitment
Changing the Shield - erm yeah…
But what is Recruitment for? I cant remember i have ever seen a use of it? (if someone remember, please bring light in my dark)

Promote / Demote Members
Next permissions that has do be adjusted by the Guild Admin - defenitly needed!

Upgrade Masteries
Obsolete - was important before 2.0 and the whole Guardian thing if i am right^^

Kick Members
Same with Promote, Demote and Invite - please make it manually adjustable…

To sum it up - out of this old permissions we only need 4 today, but manually adjustable: Invite, Promote, Demote and Kick
Announcements and Shield are not really this important - but its ok if they stay^^

Any opinions?

Greets by MrSnake


I would love if they allowed the GM to manually set a name for “Promote / Demote Members” and “Kick Members”. I have a co-leader in my guild. There are responsibilities I’d like to share with him in the tools, but I can’t because of the antiquated setup of the admin tools. I know of a few other guilds that have 2 or 3 people that share leadership, so it would be useful to some GMs to change permissions on a per person basis if needed.


Hopefully all this (and more) is being addressed in the Guild Wars release.


I am definitely for that.

I also agree these roles need to be updated with the new version of the game. The GL should have control over what each level gets responsibility for.


One thing I noticed about this while poking through the game files the other day is this:

That’s a static image. So currently there likely is no code to allow change of permissions between ranks, though as others have said, hopefully it will be added in the future.


I’ve noticed this image myself. Considering the check marks are copy-pasta, it always struck me as an odd technical decision…


@studs is this in QoL?

i think Sentinel should be able to demote and kick.
leaving it to leader alone is not good

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Want it, need it. Where’s this feature at?