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Add some way to display kingdom bonuses

I had a team with a Suncrest team bonus of +3 attack and +6 armor. Instead that bonus is now +6 attack and +0 armor, so if you expect to get more of a particular bonus, you can it can backfire.

There is no way to see how an upgrade will affect bonuses and it can actually give you a worse bonus for an intended purpose.

Adding a way to reverse kingdom upgrade would work too, or upgrades always increased from lower bonuses instead of changing direction.


And a consistency warning for any devs that start to implement this idea. You have already set the precedent (in the Elite upgrade screen) that bonuses are marginal, not cumulative. On the other hand, tribute and daily gold bonuses shown in the kingdom power star list are cumulative, not marginal. And bonuses in the kingdom level list are marginal, not cumulative.

Oh dear. It seems that no matter how this is implemented, it will go against the expectations set by current information presentation in the game.


Wait… What??? :man_facepalming:

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Yeah, I remember thinking that they were cumulative during the beta. I wrote a big post about how the bonuses were so tiny they weren’t even worth grinding medals for. Then someone pointed out that they were marginal, and that my entire post was based on a faulty assumption. :man_facepalming:


Could someone explain what marginal and cumulative mean in this context?
Thank you.

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I don’t know if there would be a way to get these upgrades to show on gowdb, but I can start writing down my upgrades and pet bonus as I begin to use my stockpile of deeds.

As discussed on the spoiler page, the Elementals and Kit Sith were providing the Life Boosts.

My Kit Sith is Mythic, but I forgot to check Magmapillar.

In the below screenshot, 3 bonuses are shown for the different levels of elite level.

Let’s focus on the attack stat which says bronze +1, silver +2, gold +3.

Marginal would mean that upgrading to gold would give you a total of +3 attack.

Cumulative would mean that upgrading to gold would give you +6 attack (1+2+3).

Elite levels are the only upgrade in the game where the stats shown are cumulative, so you will actually get +6 attack for making this troop gold level.

Here’s an example of a marginal upgrade screen. You dont get an extra 32 ingots per day for reaching 42k total renown, you get an extra 1 ingot making 32 in total from total renown rewards.


I’m not sure how to put this, but I think you have flipped the meaning of cumulative and marginal there.

Otherwise, spot on.


I agree…in fact I don’t think ‘marginal’ is an apt descriptor of these bonuses which are tiered or progressive.

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