Add new achievement for having lots of treasure maps

Make an achievement for having some ridiculous amount of treasure maps so that people have a reason to accumulate them. 10K maps? 50K maps? Whatever number that 99.5% of people aren’t already there.

It’d be ironic and funny to be chasing treasure maps to get the achievement.


Like it. funny idea.

It should also be called something funny like:

“Where was that map?”


When you get up to the higher levels, you simply can’t use all the maps you get!

I’m Level 1,348 and I’ve got over 11,000 of them and there’s other players with a hell of a lot more than that.

Once Treasure Hunt mode might have had some use and value, but, these days, the rewards just don’t make it worth the time spend grinding through them.


IMO TH is still best way to earn early keys/glory on newly created accounts. But usability of it ends once you get your 1st decent mythic/legendary. From that point you’re pretty much better doing anything else → questing/pvp/exploring/delving etc.

Still, like idea of “acumulate 100k treasure maps”
Or sth similiary obnoxious :slight_smile:


Definitely needs a tongue in cheek name.

“Too much good stuff.”

“There’s no gnome place like home.”

“For the player that has everything.”

“My kingdom for a bag of holding.”

Who has suggestions?

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Buried (by) Treasure (maps) :upside_down_face:

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X marks the spot.

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Then burn them!

A 100K treasure map boss that can be crafted would also be fun.

Avid collector? Oh, you got them too? Ran out of toilet paper, no worries?

I got lots of toilet paper too. Would trade maps for toilet paper if on offer though. :wink:

That said, I have less toilet paper than before the pandemic, so I’m not a hoarder.

“A Gift Code, You Say?”

I still find it ironic that gift codes include these stupid maps when the gamemode is almost completely redundant.


Great point. We could come up with names around that.

I’m thinking any of these that at least 2 people like we could collect and then put them into a poll and let people vote on them. What do you guys think?

Here’s a couple more:
“Maps, the gift for any occasion.”
“I haz ALL da maps. Me no get lost.”

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