Add a Vault Key to class event rewards

Simple request. Replace the 10 gem reward at Round 5 with a Vault Key. That should increase the incentive to participate, especially now that there will be a periodic incentive to spend Vault Keys (Pest Control campaign task).


I spent half an hour last night grinding through battles in the hope of getting any sort of Gnome.

Not a single one :roll_eyes:

Took me longer than expected to get enough gnomes, too. More Vault Keys could be a solution so that I don’t have to grind out every Explore to 4/4 like I did this week, or spend way more time than I want to in PVP.

Or put gnomes in the Underworld. Exclude them from the boss fight, and that also maybe helps solve the gnome-rarity problem.

Use a vault key. Done in one battle. Seconds and that Campign task is done!

Yeah, that rather relies on having an unused Vault Key.

Generally I use them as soon as I get them, so I’ll have to wait until I get lucky with Gnomes or another event gives a Vault Key as a reward…

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If Campaign Week 1 taught me anything, it is “don’t do anything in the game on Monday until you go online and find out the full weekly task list.”

I was fortunate enough to find out about the gnome task and save my vault key from this week’s guild event rewards until I was ready, but if I missed that and the vault key from the Tuesday delve that would have been a pain.

On a side note, I think you can get a vault key from the new delve event this weekend?


When I was reading about campaigns I thought hmmm, better hang on to a couple of vault keys. Glad I did :slight_smile:

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Why would you make me spend gems on this terrible event?

Nobody is forcing you to participate. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I had a little better luck but this still is going to take longer than I expected. I also farmed for ~30 minutes and got 1 Gnome at the very end. Farmed another 15 min after and didn’t see any more.

Class events need to be reworked. The rewards for class events have always been terrible. The only real reward is a bit of class XP, which doesn’t amount to anything when your classes are all 40 - 70+. The amount of gems spent to finish all 8 tiers is too much for a minor orb and a small rebate on gems. I’d rather grind PvP for the xp and actually earn gold.


Ai play the class events for the 25 free gems.
Not worth buying tiers.
Hit casual PvP to level classes

I like requests like this; fast, with a simple request about balancing something in the game :slight_smile:

Very True lol
I did the adventure board, dungeons, and delves before I even looked at the campaign, I did the first task, then I get hit with “do dungeon battles” i was frustrated to say the least :sweat_smile: