Add a new option or input field to select already completed Delve levels

Provide us with the manual input field or slider when you can select your Delve Level, like 10, 20, etc.
The other option is that you provide an option to reset the Delves back to Level 20, like it is on every Tuesday, so I know that this is possible to implement.

If already completed Delve level 250, and I would like to select a lower Delve level, like 200 or 100, I should be able to do so without any problem by selecting a proper Level with the slider near the input field.

Finished or already completed Delve levels should not award you with Renown again if you already obtained it once before.

If the Delves are reset to level 20 or to their default starting state, already accomplished progress that’s listed in the Renown List and List of Bonuses, should not be erased as well, only preserved.
Same goes for the unlocked pets. If they are already obtained, they will not be provided again.

The Treasure multiplier should have all 3 options available, easy, medium, or hard, regardless of the option you selected. If this is not possible, then you need to raise the Delve level for 10 levels or one extra Delve each time, just to get the full benefit for so-called Chest rewards.


Not going to happen because then everyone would go back and farm level 20 delves all the time at rocket speed for level 7-9 chests after they max at 500. Can’t have your cake & eat it too. Either you get the increased benefits & bragging rights that come with high renown or you keep 1 or 2 of your delves low to farm them. Devs aren’t going to give us both.

Decisions decisions…:thinking:

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I personally think that something like this could be supported; but the delve reward structure would have to change significantly.

Right now, level 20 delves are far too lucrative. I think we would have to move to some sort of system where the reward structure is based on the level of the delve you’re completing.

Perhaps the whole “treasure multiplier” thing goes out the window. Just like our delve events, each room you complete awards a certain number of points. These number of points determine how much loot you get at the end.

For example:

  • Level 20 delves, full clear, could only award let’s say 200 points.
  • Level 100 delve, full clear, 1000 points.
  • Level 300 delve, 3-4 room clear + boss: 6,500 points.
  • Level 500 delve, 3-4 room clear + boss: 10,000 points.

It would then be up to the player to decide how much risk/time they wanted to spend, in order to get their rewards.

I’m for this. I basically screwed myself by maxing out each delve.

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What’s worse, at level 500 you can’t select the maximum multiplier, on the right, but only on the left or middle, which means that you get less rewards. Stupid, if you ask me.

I am perfectly fine playing all Delve levels at 100. I think this provides enough challenge as well.
As for the trophies, there should be only 100 levels and not 1000. Pointless mechanics!

Just add something like 1 chest level/100 delve levels added to the boss chest, that way we wouldn’t feel quite so screwed over by actually completing delves. Past level 300 it’s such a slog only a fanatic is doing more than the bare minimum numbervof rooms so they really need to add something.