A delve level selection option is needed

We need a level select option for Delve. If you go too far with a non-faction team, it makes getting the renown from using the delve team far too hard.

Suggest having a level down option where you can select to go back to a previous level.

Many thanks


I completely agree…


I have a better idea. Instead of selecting your Delve, there should be an option to go back by 10 levels instead.
So, if you’re at Delve level 150 and you kill the final boss, then you can select to go down to 140 instead of staying at 150 or ascending to 160. That’s the fastest change that can be effective and simple.
You can do that until you like to stay at some Delve level, for example, level 100.


Unfortunately that idea is far too slow. If someone has a delve at high level and they can only backpadal 10 at a time, the 3 delves per day they are given would be wasted for days just to try out a Faction Team.

The original idea of selecting the level you wish is the best idea.


Of course. Your idea is better, but its implementation and execution may be a different thing entirely.
The development time costs resources.

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The devil on my shoulder says:

This is written on the box. You knew it when you did it and did it anyway. It’s been part of the argument, since Delve released, that one should keep levels low because it makes it easier to keep ingots, and only chase the 25% of 1 stat point maxing faction renown gives you when you never want to do a Delve again, otherwise you’ll always never want to do a Delve again. All scaling events provide a path of no return. So don’t advance if you don’t want to.

The angel on my shoulder says:

Honestly I don’t like the design decision that makes progress a one-way street and wish you could lower your Delve level. It should be expensive, so people don’t rush for maximum score then cheese the Delve back lower.

One problem is if you can actually lower the level, you get to exploit the multiplier. If I do level 20, then level 30, then level 20, then level 30, I got the 2x multiplier twice off of 30. So for lowering a level to discourage this, you’d have to start with a multiplier lower than 0.5x, preferably 0x. It should probably only let you reduce the level 10 at a time, otherwise jerks like me would loop 0-100 and still cheese it.

But I do think it would be fair to make it tedious and/or expensive to lower the level. Even if I do think the people who pushed it too high had clear warnings and didn’t listen to the community.


Basically as it sits now if you missed out, you need to use your faction team on delve event to get it back down to manageable levels

Well, technically they could add a level selector similar to how you buy sentinel upgrades. Range would be from 20 to 10 less than the level you’ve cleared so far, remembering your last decision for each Delve. This would replace the leftmost option, meaning entering this way would always start your multiplier at 0.5x.

Don’t forget that it would be really easy to only award a 2x base multiplier for Delves higher than your previous best. So oscillating between 20 and 100 would do no good, since you’d only get the 2x multiplier for trying at 110 (or whatever your best is).

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One of the longest-standing arguments in the game has been the statement that it’s extremely difficult to change a “50” to a different number. I don’t like to make assumptions about what would or wouldn’t be easy anymore.

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Bump, because I was about to make this suggestion. Level selection for any previously beaten level is really needed to progress your faction team renown if you’ve already completed them to 500 with non-faction teams. Treasure multiplier would simply be x0.5 for anything under your current max, the same as if you play down 10 levels on the current delves. The only option we have right now is to wait weeks or months for a specific faction delve event and then play like mad for hours during a 24 hour period. And if you happen to be unavailable on that day or don’t have a stockpile of gems for the buy-in, you’re SOL. The problem will just get worse by the month, as more factions are added.

Well, we all know that isn’t true at this point. We just need to be persistent and they will add needed features.

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If you think about it, the better option is that level 20 is always available as the left option. In this case, no need to keep a faction at low level to be able to farm it.

And it will better that at the end, level 500 remains on the right option.

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Let us select any level we have beaten like in bounty would be the best option.


I think that the coding issue is greater than this simple proposal.
Even if the solution is really easy, to change and adapt the code may not be so.

Still, I hope that something gets done, because Level 500 players can’t actually get the max modifier.

No it should be trivial in terms of code.

Devs should keep a current delve level variable [currentLevel] and choices are currently: currentLevel -10/currentLevel/currentLevel+10. So moving to 20/currentLevel/currentLevel+10 should not be that difficult.
To keep the right selection at 500, they just have to put a min(currentLevel,490).

This is absolutely needed. I have nothing to do with my delve attempts as all factions are level 500 and new ones I level to 500 in the first few days. Every now and then I attempt a 500 pure faction team but it is pretty frustrating and annoying as you need to have an insane amount of luck in order to finish it and the rewards are non-existent (maybe a level 1 chest). If I could pick the level manually then I could work on pushing each pure faction team as far as possible rather than being stuck with level 500 attempts or simply farm lower level delves.

A system like Diablo 3 has for greater rifts where you chose the level you want to play would be awesome. It would also help newer players because they can vary between push and farm on delves.

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In PvP we can toggle between Ranked and Casual. Why not make it so in Delve we can toggle between Open (limited by the two colors) and Faction (limited to just the delve)? The game already tracks your best result in each, so in Faction mode it would just use your best Faction depth instead of best overall depth to determine the three options (d-10, d, and d+10).

A full level selection would obviously be more useful as it would let you jump in where you feel comfortable or to set to 20 for farm, but a Open/Faction toggle would at least give people the chance to work up their renown if they already delved too deep with a general team.