Increase maximum level of delves

Idea: When You finish pure delve on lvl 500 then You will be able to progress further, but only with pure team, nothing else. Then delve level limit is the sky : You can progress with Your pure team to lvl 550, 600, 700, whatever if You have resources to upgrade it and strength of will. This is just for experts and people who want to invest further into hoard levels and looking for a CHALLENGE. I would create leaderboard for each delve for prestigious reasons (top 100 biggest levels passed) and rewards for reaching specific delve level, for example reward each 50 levels (500 gems or imperial deeds or something really valuable for progressing elsewhere). But this should not be mandatory for progressing, this is just for pure fun and a challenge.

Currently, when You finish all delves, there is nothing challenging in the game, only daily grind on explore 12.

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Only if there were no rewards attached to this (other than bragging rights / leaderboard).


OK, rewards was just an idea. It may be without them, no worries, the whole idea is to keep game challenging and competitive. Leaderboard is ok and bragging rights

Don’t you think you’re seriously contradicting yourself?
If you say 'for prestigious reasons and challenge" (even putting emphasis on the latter) why should there be rewards involved?
If you suggest gems or deeds or whatever else that can be used for progress, how can you say

Either it goes out without rewards, or it should never see daylight.

As for the principle itself - I like delves, but not that much. Let others have their fun, but with above mentioned caveat.

Understood. This is just an idea to expand the game in the most challenging way. I don’t care about rewards for that. This is just a lean towards players who have their delves done and do boring daily stuff. Dungeon, adventure, current event, done.

Currently, apart from delves in present state, there are no challenges - I mean in terms of game difficulty not amount of stuff to be gathered.

I liked the challenge of delves.

Even though I had all complete minus potions, before potion change, we mostly complained about them. :grinning:

The problem is easing renown gives stats.

So as they are adding kingdoms and factions that will rise. They would have to rework that if they raised caps, if there was to be no reward.

So let’s say you get 36 delves at L700.

Best Delve Defeated 700 - 1400 vs 1000 points + 400

Best Delve No Casualties 700 - 700 vs 500 +200

Best Delve using Faction Team 700 vs 500 +200

800 x 36 - 28,800 that’s 7 misc stats.

That doesn’t take into account 3,300 per new faction instead of 2,500.

5 new factions - 16,500 on top of 28,800 = 11 misc stat points.

The existing hoard system would be unsustainable with the increase as it wasn’t designed that way.

Granted there are potions now, but how much more difficult would a 700 pure faction run be? That’s a 40% increase in base stats together with the 20% boost on new factions.

So realistically 700 will be 840 on new faction attempts.

That would see troops with 420 armour and 420 life doing 40% more damage vs a system that gives you +1 magic every approximate 11/12 stat rises.

At 300 hoard that’s 1.2 million gold usually. For 40 stat points it’s going to scale and be over 70 million no doubt, even with all Legendary or Mythic treasure. That’s for 1 faction, out of 41 exampled here. Granted some are easier and wouldn’t need so much gold expenditure, it’s still unrealistic for players to afford.

Let’s take the Deep King doing 40% more damage. It will hit for probably north of 200 true damage probably plus 100 splash. It’s one hit at 300 hoard.

There will need to be a rework of the system I believe. It’s not as simple as simply increasing the level. The gap and cost becomes prohibitive, and stat bonuses could give power creep easier then Devs intend at this stage.

They could cap as is to offset stat gains but the system would need more time than Devs invest I think.

Renown problem should not be a problem, I think - we already have a system in place.
Hoard level only gives renown to 100, nothing past that matters in this respect.
Put the same hard cap on win-related renown so that it is only awarded up to delve 500 (like we have right now) and then one could go as far above as one desires and not exceed 2500 renown per delve.

In a certain sense, renown is a type of reward, so it is only logical that no new renown gets added if delves were to be extended past 500 as the OP suggests.

By the way, speaking of hoard upgrades being unrealistic:

Yeah they’d just leave renown as is. I suppose the thought of a LB may appeal to some. May have to be discord or forum based.

Is that a hard cap in that image? I don’t think there is enough gold for another :joy:

I don’t see how LBs would be meaningful unless horde levels were capped.

If I would get enough pets other way than doing delves I would never touch them.
Just give me the mythic pet on 2300 renown, and I am outta here!

easily possible to do 2500 without potions and a hoard level of around 100-155 in ~25 factions BEFORE the update. since after the free potion update for hoard levels everything got even easier… what more is needed?

topic related: I’d play above level 500 if possible and rewarded ( → overall faction renown → stat bonus)

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To OP, brilliant idea! :star_struck:

I would honestly play them daily even if there was no rewards!


Great, that’s two of us :slight_smile: I am glad that finally someone was happy with this idea :slight_smile: