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Delve level reset (request)

While I understand you can lower the Delve level by 10 that’s just temporary and for that delve correct?

Suggestion: Maybe have a way to reset Delve level to 20. Many people are finding that the only thing the Delve level affects is Delve renown and many of us wish we could go back to 20 since it’s much easier to farm Delves by doing all rooms and running away at the boss.

Unfortunately it’s a strategy that wasn’t clear at the time.


Renown gives many tier rewards, if you can give back your renown and give back all your tier rewards, then I’m all for this.

Each faction event starts at lv 20, so every Tuesday you have the option you described available to you.


While that is true, the Dev’s did a poor job in explaining how this new game worked. I think offering a chance to fix their mistake isn’t too much to ask