Active Players Wanted!

Misfits of Forgotten Order (Misfits of F. Order) looking for more active members. Come grow with us! Guild is Level 63, Rank 1210. 150% daily gold bonus. With current membership, we can achieve 10k seals but want to expand. With a few more active players, 20k and beyond is within reach!! Family Guild with active members and simple requirements while growing. Current weekly reqs are 750+ seals, 100+ trophies, 100k towards tasks. Will take new players, but the first requirement will be to open all kingdoms.
Looking for casual (no need to kill yourself, it’s a game), but active players who can contribute to guild tasks, trophies, and seals. No chat requirements, though someone is usually around in chat.

If interested, please register and post in our recruiting forum!

Guild leaders are Daedraug and Amaia

Now that the Holidays are over, actively seeking more members! Come grow with us!! =)

Come join our guild! Level 60 now with active taskers but need more to get even better!

im lvl 280, all towns at lvl10, casually regular, looking for a guild.
inv code is FREEMAN_20

tried to invite you but your already in another guild :frowning:

I’m looking for an active guild where i can be promoted quickly. I contribute much gold every week (200k+) and earn 130-150 seals per week. Invite code is BROGHILL
I’m level 403, VIP level 2, reach no 1 in PVP weekly.

Tried to invite you, but you are already in another guild. If you would
like an invite, please leave current guild so I can invite

I have left that guild now so can accept ur invite. thanks.

Invite sent. Welcome to Misfits!

sorry but i left the guild. its ranked quite low. i wish u well :slight_smile:

Ok. The comment I replied to disappeared. Ignore me. (EDIT)

Good luck with the recruitment, Misfits

Still searching for active players. Please come join us… guild members on now through reset.