[PC/Mobile] Misfits & Mayhem is looking for a few good players! (New thru Returning Player Friendly)

We are a guild with a core of high-level, experienced players and newer highly motivated players. We’re a social and active community, cater to the semi-casual game-play style, and we welcome first time players as well as active players in inactive guilds or returning players! Don’t miss out on stat bonuses, keys, seals, and event rewards by staying solo or in an inactive guild! Join today :slight_smile:

What we can offer:

  • Friendly guild mates willing to help with team composition and advancement priorities for PvP, Explore, Challenges, Individual events and Guild events.
  • Guides and tips for Underworld Factions.
  • We gather 20K-30K seals weekly, and reach 40K seals twice per month during new mythic troop release weeks and one off-week mid-month for older mythics.
  • We complete between 3/5 tasks each week, all tasks on the Sunday before Guild Wars starts. We have won 5/6 or 6/6 guild wars battles in each of the recent months.
  • We typically reach the 2nd-from-top event rewards, and are actively recruiting new members with the goal of reaching top-tier event rewards and 40k seals every week.

What we require:

New members: * Entry Level: 200+ * actively leveling kingdoms * Lowest Rank requirements: 50K gold, 1000 seals and 50 trophies each week. * Our requirements are flexible, and increase gradually based on rank. We make accommodations for new/returning players still working on leveling up their kingdoms by offering a reduced weekly gold requirement.

(If you are below level 200, you can join our Discord community in an Apprentice role until you meet our level requirement, and receive guidance and support until you become a full member and join the guild in game)

Discord is mandatory for all our members, due to the fact that the games chat system is very limited. If you are not familiar with Discord, it’s a chat app you can download for mobile/pc here. Or you can use via any browser without downloading by entering ‘discordapp.com’ in the address line.

If you are interested, feel free to join our discord server here and we can give you more information, and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to playing with you!