Misfits & Mayhem is Recruiting, looking for a few new guild members

We are Misfits and & Mayhem. Our recently revamped guild is a mix of first time players and returning ones. This provides our members with a depth of game knowledge that we all benefit from.

  • What we are looking for:
    • recruiting players 200+
    • players actively levelling their kingdoms
    • returning players welcome
  • What we offer:
    • We’re an active social guild, providing guides, training & event support.
    • We regularly get 20K - 30K seals a week, 40K in new mythic troop release weeks
    • we complete at least one task each week, often more.
  • What we require:
    • 50K / 1,000S / 50T (Recruit Rank)
    • Discord Mandatory
    • Participation in all Guild Events mandatory
  • for more information, please join us as our guest in our Discord server.

PS. There is also a secret island hideaway where we plot to take over the world! Like we do every night.


Update 06-08-2019: Misfits & Mayhem continues to make progress every week, and this week we are celebrating reaching our milestone goal of completing guild tasks and unlocking Legendary Tasks for the first time as a guild!

in the last 9 weeks we’ve completed a minimum of 3 tasks/week, often more!