Misfits & Mayhem is not currently recruiting

If you, like us, enjoy your Mayhem best with other active players, then … you’ve found us! We are a mix of higher level, experienced players (26/29 members 1000+) and newer, highly motivated players. We’re also a social and active community, cater to the semi-casual game-play style, and we welcome both current and returning players!

What we can offer:

  • 40K seals weekly, usually by Wed/Thurs.

  • all Basic Tasks completed on Monday and all Epic Tasks to 8+ each week (w. the occasional push to get all Basic and Epic Tasks plus Legendaries completed. Note: occasional bc we’re not a grinder guild)

  • friendly guild members willing to help any other member.

  • We provide guides, tips and training, as well as event support.

What we require:

  • Entry Level for new members: hero at 400+ and
    - if all kingdoms levelled to 10, weekly reqs of 100K/1500S/100T
    - if all kingdoms levelled to 7+: weekly reqs of 1500S/100T and 0 gold until all kingdoms at 10.

  • Other Requirements: playing all guild events (important!)

  • Our gold/seals/trophy requirements are flexible, and increase gradually based on rank.


  • If you feel that you can manage the weekly requirements, please come join us on our Discord server → here, where we can give you more information and answer any questions you may have.

By the way, Discord is mandatory for all our members, due to the fact that the games chat system is very limited. If you are not familiar with Discord, it’s a chat app you can download for mobile/pc here. Or you can use via any browser without downloading by entering our discord address (Discord) in the address line.