[05/23/2021] Misfits & Mayhem is not currently recruiting,

not in a guild yet, or tired of being in an inactive guild? We are a casual/competitive guild, with a mix of 1000+ players (89% of the guild) and enthusiastic newer players. We love helping newer players find out how much fun this game can be!

Who we are looking for:
- active players whose kingdoms are opened and all at level 7 or higher

What we offer:

  • game guidance (including team-building)
  • discord server with channels for events, game information, general chat, team-building, etc
  • 40K seals/week, usually by Wed/Thurs.
  • all Basic Tasks completed on Monday
  • Epic Tasks (1 to 11/12, the rest to 6+/12 minimum) by game reset (Sunday night).
  • {completed every 3 months, plus legendaries}
  • Guild Events completed or to 11/12, depending on how many events there are each week
  • no emphasis on Guild Wars, we do our 30 battles but don’t stress on losses or wins.

Guild Requirements:

  • minimum reqs of 1500S / 200T
    • {no gold contributions for 2 weeks until all kingdoms at level 10, min. of 200K/week afterwards}
  • Discord Mandatory!
  • Participation in all Guild Events mandatory! (it’s a great way to get trophies, class XP, etc!)

For more information, please join us as our guest in our Discord server at Misfits & Mayhem

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