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Active Guild one spot avible

You are active ? You are looking for an active guild? HU needs you top 14 one spot avible come on join us :slight_smile: minimum level 20, 1000 - 1500 Seals daily active :wink:

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Invite Code: EASYFRAG
Level: 105
VIP Level: 2
Amount of trophies weekly: 300 +

easyfrag are you still interested one spot avible ??

maybe someone else interested ??

I’m interested.

Lvl 448
Play daily.
VIP lvl 5
Always PvP to at least rank 1 or more.
Max Seals per week.
250k gold + more

Have made rank 1 this week but haven’t claimed seals.

Invite code SOL VENATUS

Welcome Sol!

Thank you!

Terrorist - i already found a guild. Thx for reply.

one spot avible new very active player welcome :slight_smile: :ok_hand: (min 20 lvl 1000 - 1500 seals).

refresh one spot avible :wink:

I’d be interested, check your mail.


Should be good to go now.


one spot avible Heroes United welocme you :slight_smile:

Still looking? Lvl 453 all maxed out, invite code KIYI

I can meet all your requirements and much much more. Invite Code: SPARKHAWJ

I’m sorry but we are currently full.

Hellow Spark You still interrested Join to Heroes United :slight_smile: ?

Top 16 Guild one spot avible :slight_smile: You are new active player!!! welcome !!! :wink: