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Closed - LF Active Guild on PC

Good day.

LF Active Guild, that closes all tasks and reaches 40k seals weekly.

I am lvl 105 - playing gow for 10 days. VIP level 2.

I can farm 1500 seels, 300+ trophies atm.

My farm team - soul dragon, couatl, dragotaur, giant spider.

I am short of gold atm, need to lvl up kingdoms, but in 2 weeks can invest more in tasks. Atm can invest 100k+ gold.

Invite code is - EASYFRAG

You can’t donate enough to be a part of a guild that closes all tasks. You should reconsider your criteria for acceptable guild. Just a friendly suggestion :slight_smile:

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HI @easyfrag

I agree with @DonBoba; until you can donate more gold you won’t meet their criteria, unfortunately. Our guild completed 3 tasks last week and our minimum is 250k gold/week. When you get to the point that you can donate 250k+ gold/week, we’d be interested and by then we’ll most likely be completing 5+ guild tasks a week anyway. :slight_smile:

Hogun Guild Recruitment post

Hi easyfrag,
As guys already posted the gold contribution might be a biggest problem.
Please note that I initiated voting in our guild Marthos Guardians (5th in guild ranking).
I asked our members if they want to give you a chance despite your low gold contribution. You seems to be active.
We are perfectly able to finish all task even without your contribution. If you are interested, wait for more info from me.
You can also check our recruitment post:
Marthos Guardians

Good day, Orbin.

I am active. Wayting for your decision.

Any decision would be welcomed.

Quick update:
you currently have 5 votes for and 1 against :slight_smile:
I expect that we should know in 12 hours.
Please don’t claim seals for now. You will need them to meet 1200 seals minimum if you join us.


1500 Seals are waiting your guild :]

Also 500+ Trophies, maybe even much more, depends when i join you. Just playing pvp atm, will stay at top 100. Anyway i will start contributing gold max in 2 weeks, maybe even next week.

I expect you will now receive more offers.
Remember who was the first one to show interest :wink:
You will not regret a little waiting.

I will wait your decision first. Hope it will be soon :]

One of our members wrote in his comment “Pull the trigger” so I have decided to send you invitation now :slight_smile:
Hope this will be OK for our guild leader when he wakes up tomorrow.
Please apply for our FB group “Marthos Guardians”. This is a main communication channel for our guild.

Nice. I will join. Thx for help.