AAA Active Player needs Active Guild

Hi, my name is Nicola, I am Lv 154 and I am really active.
I am looking for a more active guild cos where I am now I ran into 4th place as total donations after a month only, with almost 2 milions.
I have full Legendary teams of Pirates, Dragons and Divine. In total I have 276 different units (56 different legendary and “Death”).
My best team power is 6.2k and still growing ^^

Thx a lot.

Hi, our guild “we are one” will be happy to have you.
We are now in the first 450 position and we are climbing fast (in about a week we climbed about 50 positions)
Elite V - gold bonus 190%
20000+ seals every week
We have no requirement about gold/seals trophy but daily play is appreciated.
Post here your invite code or send me a PM if you would like to join.
Hope to see you