Active, but easy-going guild (rank 177) seeking 3 more. All levels welcome! 😃


Thank you for excepting my request and also I have a other account on my ps4 which my username is ZELDON as well…
I will send my request with my code name in a few hours


looking for an active guild please


Hi Spark - I just tried inviting you, but you need to leave your current guild first. I’ll try again later today!


I am a brand new XBOX member, but have been playing the game on mobile for over 3 years. If you guys are still looking and don’t mind a newbie who knows what she is doing, I’d love to join! I wont be able to contribute a lot of gold initially, but trophies and seals I can do. Let me know, thanks!!


Estou a procura duma guild com + atividade sou lvl 265 e meu codico é XXX DAMORTE XXX_U4HE


Sorry, I just now saw this. We have upped our requirements (from basically nothing) since my original post now that we’ve been able to recruit more active members. (We are now achieving 10k seals per week, and on track to hit 20k this week!) Newer players are welcome, and we’d love to have you if you can contribute at least 40,000 gold OR 400 seals per week. If so, and if you’re still looking for a new guild, let me know your invite code, and I’ll send you an invitation.


Hey there! I’ve just recently gotten back into Gems and I’m looking for an active clan. I contribute most of my gold each week, (which is about 50-100k gold per day), and I also want to try out guild wars/battles. My invite code is DAKOTATHEHATER_H1CN. Thanks!


Interested… IC: RAYORTIZ70_QPFC


Adriano & Pilot - at this point, our guild is full. We do have a few more players who have been minimally active lately, but before I kick them out, I would need to be sure that you can contribute more than they typically do. How much gold & how many seals would you be able to contribute weekly? Do you plan to participate in Guild Wars?


Dakota - your invitation has been sent. Welcome to mousey!


Thanks… after I sent the request I realized it was an Xbox Guild and I
play Android, actually I don’t know if that makes any difference.
Anyway, Im Lvl 479, always participate in GW, and always contribute with
the 1,500 seals.
About Gold, I’m still leveling my Kingdoms (I’m still 3 kingdoms short to
finish) still I contribute with 100K - 150K gold… I know once I finish my
kingdoms I’ll be able to contribute with much more.


Bummer. We’d love to have you, but you can’t join an Xbox guild if you play on Android. Good luck!


Thanks Anyway! :slight_smile: