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Account linking

How do I link my acct to a new device when I don’t have the old one?

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First you must create the circle of protection, then perform the rites of soul so as to determine the core of your soul code, once you have that soul code you can through inception, input it into the new object and BOOM horcrux made.

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I don’t have the old device… -,-

ahhhh, thats a problem then. Youll have to use the blood ritual to cast a sending spell towards the devs.

@Sirrian @Shimrra any help here… possible implication to make it easier later?

Email support. You’ll get a faster response.

Do you know the email of hand?

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@Teddy, https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200200689-Account-and-Billing-Support

Just submit a request describing the problem.



Click Here up in the top right of this screen:

Then click here:

Thanks @Macawi I’m on a phone right now… silly difficult to navigate.

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