Trying to Get Data to New Mobile Device

I had to get a new cell phone and was hoping this Google Play stuff copies the data and saves it on servers to the game so when I log into the new device, it does not act like I want to start at the beginning.
I found an option in the game menu to link the game to my email, but on the new device, I can not get to those menus. Still as a fresh game wanting me to play at level 1.
I tried copying all data from old device that matches gems in the title to same locations on new device, no change.
Am I missing something? Do I have to play the game on new cell to get it to give me menu access? Is it not supposed to just give me that option in the beginning?
What am I missing to get my current game content onto new device, if possible?
I tried contacting support, but it has been a few days since I wrote them so I came here.
Thank you.