Account Change on PC


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
Login with a new account, Game automatically connected to the old one.
What are the steps to make it happen again?
Just run the game.
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So, I wanted to show my girlfriend the game, so on her PC, I logged on to my steam account, run the game and played a few matches. Now when she logs in on her steam account and runs the game she is automatically connected to my account with no option to create a new one. We uninstalled the game and steam and also deleted the “com.infinite-interactive.GoW” folder from “C:/Users//AppData/” but the problem persists.


Just a guess, but do you have steam cloud synchronization enabled?


I think you need a separate Windows account set up for her.


What seems to have happened is that because your files were still on the computer when you logged into her steam account, Steam has saved your game to her Steam Cloud.

I would suggest trying the following:

  1. Disable Steam Cloud temporarily by doing the following:
    a) From the Steam Menu (at the top of the Steam Window), select Steam->Settings->Cloud
    b) Uncheck the box for "Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization…"
    c) Click OK
  2. Delete the “com.infinite-interactive.GoW” folder from “C:/Users//AppData/” again
  3. Now play the game for a bit (hopefully this should start the game fresh)
  4. Re-enable Steam Cloud (by checking that box you UN-checked in step 1)
  5. NOW when you play the game, Steam Cloud should get the correct files… (if it gives you a message that files are out-of-sync, choose to use you LOCAL files).