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Searching for the savegames

Hello everyone,

Playing GoW via Steam on PC Win 7 / 64bit

just because to make sure I won’t lose my char, I was thinking about to save my savegames. Well since today morning I’m searching for my savegames. But I can’t find them. After I asked Google I was checking my appdatas (Ye I know where they are) buuuut I can’t find the folder “com.infinite-interactive.GoW” anywhere on my PC.

Help? :frowning:

If I postet in the wrong section, sorry please move the topic to the right part in the forum.

Thanks in advance

Your game is saved on IP2’s servers. There is no client-side saved data.

The savegame is on their server, just go ingame to config and search for your links and it will show your code for linking to various devices to a same account. But if you are playing on steam, you only need to download the game on the same steam account.

but I should have a folder named “com.infinite-interactive.GoW” somewhere in my appdata … but it isn’t there … all of my friends have that folder

What are you searching for? (I’m mobile now so can’t confirm if I have that folder or not.)

I’m on WIndows 7 64bit. I can’t find this anywhere. I think it’s an old reference when it was under Mongo

I asked 2 friends one plays on Win10 and one on Win7 too and they both got that folder. hmmmm

Edit: I don’t know how to quote here :frowning:
Edit 2: Google told me there could be 8 or more “spots” where the savegames could “hide” but I found none of them

To repeat: your saved data is not stored locally. All data regarding your account is stored server-side. What are you attempting to accomplish?

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try drive:\Users(yourusername\AppData\Roaming\

(aka for me it was in an non-indexed area c:\Users\ronni\AppData\Roaming\

Looking through the two folders and all the files inside of them it really does appear to be last year before unity port information.

Ah that’s how to quote x.x Well, that’s exactly where it should be located. But for me it isn’t (indexed and non-indexed). I was searching in everay folder there Local, LocalGoogle, Roaming)

sorry for the bad english it’s only my 2nd language

All you really need is your credentials found in the game settings:


If there is no folder in %appdata%, where are the jsons-files located with the userinformation?

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I’m guessing Steam Cloud if enabled? Hmm…

You could find a json file with user info on this folder:


Not sure if it’s a valid one though.

that’s what I was searching for! Thanks a lot

This isn’t suspicious at all… :thinking:


Lol, flagged :rofl:

In all seriousness though, before the Unity port I looked through local data to spot images for unreleased troops, etc. specifically looking for a save game… yeah. Why would you?