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Ability to set the minimum joinable player level on guilds

Is there any chance we could get the ability to set the minimum player level to join a guild to whatever the guild wanted? Currently we can only set it to a maximum of 100.

For some guilds, they’re not necessarily getting responses from ideal candidates for their recruiting posts, so they set the guild status to “open” to fill in the gaps during those times so that they’ll at least have a full guild for the start of the next week/event. However, since you can only set the maximum level to 100, you can get players joining who will not be able to pull their weight within the guild due to the level that the guild is playing at (ie: a level 115 character fighting against a level 1100 character during GW, or a level 110 character joining a guild where minimum expected contribution levels are well beyond their reach/ability).

Any chance this could be changed so that Guild Masters are able to set whatever value they’d like as the minimum level to join the guild?


Agreed considering it doesn’t take long to level over 100 nowadays.

I’m not going to say it’s a bad idea or a waste to implement this, but I do question how many level 300+ players actually join random guilds. I would think nearly all of those players would be looking for specific guilds by invite via forums or chat. I seriously can’t see high level or even mid level players joining random guilds and even if they are they still have to wade through all the other open guilds to find yours.

I could always be wrong about those assumptions of course.

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In the past year, I would say that over 50% of the random people joining my guild have been over level 300+, and that’s with there being on average 1 - 2 openings every week. So, with some quick math, that would be at least 26 - 52 occurrences just within the past year.

Fair enough. Wouldn’t have thunk it. Guess the other question becomes with that many openings all year round, how many of those nomadic higher levels stay for more than a handful of weeks?

It really depends, but I would say only about 20%. Of the other 80%, about 60% of those get kicked for not attempting to reach requirements, the other 40% just end up leaving naturally due to whatever other reasons.

That sounds very much what I would have expected. So even if you raise the level restriction for open entry it’s not going to improve the quality of your recruits. Though I suppose it would reduce the number of lowbies you’d have to boot all the time. Your openings would just stay open longer.

Yes, the openings might stay open a bit longer, but yes, it would reduce the need to kick lowbies all the time as well. Then when we actually do get someone who’s able to meet those standards, at least there would be a better chance of them staying on. Even with only 20% of the above level 300+ players staying, that would still be a 60% reduction overall in the need to kick, assuming that 50% are below the level I would have wanted to set the minimum level to, as well as the remaining 20% of the 50% that do make requirements after joining and don’t need to be kicked. :smiley:

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There is already a fix for this close your guild and don’t take random players. Higher level players will never join a random guild.

I run a top guild on PS4 and have found actively recruiting and doing open recruiting (ie leaving the guild open to being joined) has brought in some of the most loyal players I know. It allows us to have a varied way to recruit. I wouldn’t mind if they added a higher number than 100. Maybe more like 400-500 max. Or even a way for us to open recruitment but not directly into the guild. In such a way players can submit requests to join a guild. Then a guild leader could review the player, and either accept or decline the application. I’ve played many games that use both systems. So its not my idea. Just borrowed from other games.