A way to craft pets?

With extra pets getting added regularly to the pool it will be increasingly difficult to obtain missing ones. Would it be an option to add pet crafting to the Soul Forge to make life for us collectors a little less random? It’s usually possibly to attract animals by feeding them, I even seem to be able to summon a pair of cats just wielding a can opener. To reflect that, craft material for a single copy would be a fairly high amount of pet food matching the pet color (e.g. something like 10 - 20 blue food for a Snow Bunny), plus possibly some Souls.


I like this idea very much as a lot of console players like myself miss out on rescues. I think this would be a great addition to the forge.

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It would make things a lot easier, but on the other hand, do we want to be able to craft everything? I can see a lot of people spending money on this, though.

For me, this will depend a bit on whether the weekly set pet rescues will cycle through all of the available pets over time, or whether they’ll strictly be used to introduce new pets now. If they’ll cycle through and I have a reasonable way to guarantee that I’ll get at least one copy of each one (with a store available to purchase more copies for gems), then that is sufficient, even if I have to wait 6 or 8 months for that one pet I need to come up. If the weekly events will be adding a new pet to the pool every week, then some kind of soul-forge fallback would be reasonable. I think I remember reading something about how the weekly pet events will be used, but I can’t remember what or where now…

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Yeah. this game is starting to get way too many currencies, so not having to remember where each of them come from would be a big help (if there’s a centralized alternative to things).

Bonus points if the Soulforge actually used souls for things.

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Once a week, there’s a 24 hour pet rescue. Once a month, there’s a new pet.

So 3 of the 4 weeks will be one of the current pets, although there’s no promises yet of if it’ll have repeats prematurely or not.


So it will take a year to cycle through the 36 existing pets while introducing 12 new ones. Not exactly satisfying if you just need a couple, but I can live with that (especially since my mid-range guild has generated at least one opportunity to acquire about 33 or 34 of the pets and multiple chances at most). The hardcore guilds should easily be able to rely on random events to get all the pets and even totally inactive guilds will get a shot at every pet (if they wait long enough).

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If it would be similar to crafting legendaries/mythics in the soul forge, it would be okay I guess.

Actually, it does. Almost all recipes require some amount of souls.

I’d like a way to craft the event so I can earn the pet and/or still buy multiple copies with gems. I like playing out pet rescues, but the way they are triggered is… lets just say, less than ideal.

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Bah. You aren’t trying. You should carry your console and a TV around with you. And a portable generator. Let nothing stop you heeding the plea of a captured pet.

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