Make event pets forgable in soulforge

Angry Anvil

This Pet was awarded as part of a special event: Dark Smith’s Curse

There is a pet in the soulforge, that is explicitely a cosmetic creature linked to an “event”. That means, it is reasonably possible and within the imagination of the developers to have event pets in the forge.
I think, the pricing of 3 celestial traitstones, 10 cursed runes and 2000 souls per pet is reasonable.
With the amount of past event pets and more and more to come, a rotation system like with troops will be unavoidable, I’m afraid.

If you insist to never bring back pet rerun saturdays, this is at least some kind of acceptable workaround.


For the cosmetic pets you’re talking about it should be the exact exchange rates like when those cosmetic pets were available to get during a pet rescue event in the past + tier buy-ins with gems to eventually upgrade them to mythic. Everybody should have to exchange for the same amount/currency as it was in the past.

The Angry Anvil pet you’re talking about in the soulforge was exclusively (!) introduced with the soulforge update and never was available to get with a scheduled pet rescue event. Big difference.

I still feel these old cosmetic pets should just be re-run through every Saturdays. Not much of a event, it is 8 matches that you don’t even have to play if you don’t want to. You can also just invest a small bit more gems instead. This topic keeps coming up again and again. Personally I don’t care, I have all those pets at mythic… But it seems many people are interested / collecting and would surely be exchanging gems to get them.

Maybe a great deal for everyone if the devs finally realise it. @Jeto @Kafka @OminousGMan @Nimhain
Players get their pets they otherwise most likely can’t get anymore or that would have to wait for an unknown timespan - possibly years - and the devs could diminish the gem counts of the players. :slight_smile: Not Tempting?

I know, that the anvil came in there directly and never was huntable, but like I said, it is listed as a cosmetic pet, that is linked to an “event”, which made me think of it (oh, and also, that something similar was briefly mentioned as part of a suggestion from a different user a few days ago, but don’t tell anyone).

The problem is, that the issue of cosmetic event pets is seen as resolved, as they are available as flash offers. Who knows, how many more threads and ideas it still takes, until someone tells the team, that this is not the way, players would prefer it, and how often that in turn has to happen until they actually listen.

Reintroducing cosmetic pet saturdays has been brought up so often, that I’m not sure, it still helps, or has turned into background noise. Of course, it would be the way, I would prefer too, even though with the amount of event pets, that have piled up over the years, getting a specific one would be very unlikely.

It seems even more unlikely that players get the right flash offer for the pet they desire plus they would need many flash offers lol$_$.
It could also obviously interfere with other flash offers for weapons and the other amounts of overpriced nonsense offers.

I still dislike the idea of making “everything” widely available in the soulforge. This also doesn’t happen for troops or weapons you may have missed. But there’s a “rotation” for that, except the paid weapons.
A rotation through the kingdoms and linked pets into the soulforge would seem fully reasonable if previously players wouldn’t have had to invest heavily with gems to get these “one time” pets to mythic. Therefore your suggested “buy-in” prices are a bit cheap, not to say a joke. Cursed runes are “nothing”. 10 cursed runes is basically to play one gap and sit it out if you encounter a cursed gnome. That’s way too cheap. I even would go as far as to say 100gems per single pet copy or ~2500gems for x31. That would still be completely fair and compared nearly equal.

I had a better idea but they might not like/incorparate it into the game. Its another lootbox system but instead of chests its card packs that contain pets based on different raritys.