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A Stock Market within the Soulforge

I believe the game needs this “stock market”, where any resource can be sold for gold pieces. Any: ingots, traitstones, souls, chaos shards, treasure maps etc. But with some random rate each day, so you’ll need to check it daily to have the best bargain. Or maybe buy something for your gold. Let gnomes of Krystara have some legal business at last.

“I want to buy my way to resources instead of earning them the hard way like everyone else has done for the last 6 years.”

Translated it for ya.


“I haven’t been playing the game for the last 6 years, so don’t have bucketloads of resources that are unspendable, so it would be nice if the game had an option that let newer players catch up.”

Translated it for you.


Ketchup? Since you can’t cut the mustard? :rofl:

“I’m alright, Jack, sod everyone else”.

Translated that one for you too.

Now, are you going to attempt another “clever” comeback or perhaps you’d like to consider that not everyone is in the position you are?

Can we please get back to the point of the original post?

My apologies. The last one was because I couldn’t resist the pun. Sorry you didn’t find it amusing.

P. S. - I still disagree with your suggestion. I don’t agree that newer players need an easy catch-up mode.


The game doesn’t need a stock market for you to sell resources for gold. Even if it had one, based on the way the Devs have done things, the gold you would get would be minimal at best regardless of what you sold as they would most likely cap it at certain amounts. Plus the gold you would get would basically be comparable to using a Treasure Map.

Besides the game already has a function built in that will help newer players catch up to veteran players. Its called spending real money on the packs and items in the shop.

Your only options are to put in the time and grind it out like everyone else has or fork over real money like a lot of people have who didn’t want to put in the time.

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The Devs are not going to let you sell stuff for gold when they are trying to sell you gold for real money. It would not make good business sense for them and if you have not heard they are trying to raise more revenue with shrines and Campaign so good luck with this pipe dream.