A new number 1 guild on ps4!


I just want to say a big congratulations to @OleDK and his crew.

He was part of rising phreekz. Aka Santas big gifts. He made it a goal to start a new guild and take first place.

Well he did and the best part is that his high requirements had let them achieve this with only 26 people for a few weeks now.

True determination and motivation to take first has led this guild to 1st!!!

Congratulations for putting phreekz 2nd. Now to keep those kings at bay!

Keep up the great teamwork!!

Nordic Vikings Rank #1 guild on PS4 seeking experienced active members!

Thanks a lot mate, we got there in the end. Now to push on to 2m and beyond :slight_smile: Props to Ole he’s a great GL and top guy. He stuck to his goal and his loyal guild mates have been there by his side. VIKINGS FTW!


Good job!!!


The guild is only 485 days old too so we achieved it in such a short time it’s amazing


You need to stop wasting time on the forum and get back to grinding trophies! :wink:


Wow! If you guys can hit 2M trophy in just 500 days that would be amazing! Congrats. You must be getting tonnes of LT’s each week.


It should be do-able, think we’re averaging around 40k per week. We’ve done 65 LT’S this week but that’s because everyone has been pushing to get the #1 :slight_smile:


Congratulations from Assonance:) good job guys!


Congrats Vikings! Well done!


Hey did you guys know FarCry 5 and God of War are out ? They are amazing you should try them :wink:

j/k great job and a crazy effort by NV well done getting to number 1 on the leader-board now get that GW top spot next :+1:


Congratulations on being the first guild to hit 2 million trophies on ps4.


Thanks mate, shoutout to all Vikings, amazing job!