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Nordic Vikings Rank #1 guild on PS4 seeking experienced active members!

Nordic Vikings Rank 1 are looking for 2 new members:

1: Level 1000+
2: Rank/Trophies are 1st priority
3: We complete minimum 75 Legendary Tasks per week
4: We are a serious but friendly guild with members from all over the world
5: Frequent chat to discuss team builds and of course general chat too
6: Achieved number 1 rank with 1.965m trophies in just 485 days
7: First console (PS4) guild to also hit 3m trophies in less than 700 days.

Weekly Minimum Requirements are:

600k Gold
1,500 Seals
500 Trophies
45k minimum for Guild Wars
Use free sigils for participation in Raids/Invasion/Bounty
We close all portals each week

If you want to join us in time to compete in Bracket 1 of Guild Wars next week get back to me on here, PM me directly PSN ID MentalcaseAd666 or approach our awesome Guild Leader Jonathan Jones PSN ID JohnathanJones

Help us be the first console guild to reach 4m trophies!



Congratulations on #1.


Thanks from all Vikings!

2 spots remaining

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Still 2 remaining! Great opportunity to be part of the best guild in the game :wink: Come at me Bro’s (and Sis’)

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Bump up for a awesome guild.


Come and be a part of this amazing guild!


Thanks mate :smiley:

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That’s a great story Santandrix!! Congrats NV!!!


1 spot remaining! Get in before GW begins and experience the challenge that is bracket 1 :wink:

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3 spots to be filled! Come join the Viking revolution!

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Tired of being the most active member in your guild by a mile? Sick of everybody else reaping the rewards from your efforts? Join us and bask in the rewards that everybody contributes to! 40 LT’s minimum per week sound good? Active chat with veteran players on team builds and much more! Plus we’re #1 for a reason…Dedication! Pm me if you are interested in becoming a Viking!

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Bumping - Still 3 slots available - Any takers? You won’t regret it! :wink:

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Finally full :slight_smile:

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Wow!!! Impressive. That is a first in a long time!! Good luck this week.

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1 spot remaining! Check updated reqs at top of page and let me know if interested! :wink:

Bumping. Still 1 spot remaining. Join us before reset to gain numerous LT’s and compete in Bracket 1 Guild Wars!

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2 spots available. Come and join the elite!

2 spots available ahead of GW next week. Come and join #1 and compete against the elite in Bracket 1!

2 spots open. Updated reqs on original post! 3rd in the last GW and improving each time

Is my Santas Big Gifts ( or Risin Phreekz now ~.~ ) not Rank 1 anymore?

I hope so :smiley: PHR33KP0W4 deserved it . Ungrateful Player

Iam so happy they lost Rank 1 now i can rest in Piece haha thank you so much !!!