A New Mythic Approaches - The Lord of Slaughter

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New Mythic Troop: The Lord of Slaughter The Lord of Slaughter will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

7 vip keys, 3278 glory keys, 401 gems keys…

was annoyed and pulled 200 gem keys at once, and pulled 2 of em. I’ll take it I guess.

24k guild seals and i got another pokemon :wink:

I think you need a QA pass on the flavor text for these.


This should probably read, “…the sum OF ITS parts.” Unless there are math problems written on various body parts, of course :wink:

(I do tech writing as part of my job and this stuff drives me absolutely bonkers. Apologies if my delivery is too blunt.)


Even if the Lord of Slaughter were tattooed to heaven and back, there ought not be an apostrophe in “it’s”.



I actually wish stuff like this didn’t bother me so much. I really do. I’ve been told it could be some form of OCD, but hey, it helps me with my job since grammatical errors jump out at me as if they were in bold print and highlighted. May as well play to my strengths?


400 gem keys
5000 glory keys

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I’m not sure, it’s so horribly incorrect it might be some kind of pun I just don’t understand yet.

Can we please send the person who did this back to the artist’s pre-school and this time have them under supervision so they won’t eat the crayons?

From the body deformed anatomy, lack of comprehension about perspective and depths I can really say: “Bravo! You outdid yourself this time.”

I’m not sure why you guys have an art directior that doesn’t directs the art towards an acceptable standard of quality…

Not blunt enough actually.

I’m gonna go with “wtf are typos still doing here does anybody ever check these things??


The joke was supposed to be read as “The gnolle (as in the whole) is greater than…” I don’t remember exactly where, but there is a speech varation for the word gnoll where people say/call them gnolle sounding a bit like whole because the “g” is mute.

4k seals. Which is dirt cheap for me.

430 guild chests (8600 guild seals), then 350 Gem chests – and I got 1. Looking forward for Queen Moonclaw’s spell update…

Abou5 35k Guild Seals.

Looks like it could be fun with Mountain Crusher/ Titan or anything else that does Dust Storm…

Couldn’t remember the forum member who was waiting for a proper Gnoll Mythic troop until today… it was @Razzagor… and that forum member still waits…

Perhaps I read the display incorrectly, but do Wargare/Constructs even count as Gnolls?

I, too, was hoping for sleeker art. Also, I was hoping for some better RNG on my main account (“no dice” after using 834 gem keys, all my glory keys and a handful of glory).

But, go figure. My other account lands TLoS in 52 glory keys:


I’m also glad that :gem_brown: wasn’t one of “it’s” mana colors. :upside_down_face:


Got TLoS for my main account after spending an additional 350 gem keys, 190 glory keys and 2,000 glory:

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That part I understood, it’s the end that has me wondering whether there might be some pun that only works by mangling “sum of its parts” in that particular way. Summoner’s parts? Then again, maybe I’m just giving their proof reading capabilities too much credit… :smile:

Is this not the only way to pronounce the word? Do people really go medieval by saying guh-null? :flushed:

600 glory keys for those interested.

I pointed out the spelling and grammar issue when it first appeared … quite stunned it’s still there.

Wait. No I’m not.


This one took me about 1200 glory keys. It does make up for last month as I didn’t get the mythic from last month.

Maybe, just MAYBE it was also supposed to refer to the fact that this mythic is some sort of “Frankenstein’s Monster”, hence why it’s a construct, with some plating and stitches to held it’s body together.

But the “art” actually makes it look like another kind of a monstruous abomination that could only be created by some wretched handwork…

In portguese it would sound different I think. Kinda like “Guinol” if you wanna try to hear it on google translator.

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