A New Mythic Approaches - Suna


Now for totally related questions.

@Saltypatra why do you guys at the office put Suna on Shantang background, but Champion of Anu on Bright Forest one? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It would be nice to get a mythic card via a key once in a while. Each of my 2 accounts have had 1 each over the last year and a half. Interestingly both were within a week of Christmas after I mentioned the lack of getting mythics either in the in-game chat or on discord.


That’s the best way to increase the drop rate.


We will soon need a mythic storm


How many turns (months) before the Divine Storm ends? :thinking:


Create a divine storm at the start of the turn. Create another divine storm on 4 or 5 gem matches.


Suna is very coool even with 400+ health she still only need 1 shot to die :stuck_out_tongue:


Any good team with 3 suna?

Yeah i know Héliantha in french this is horrible


Another new mythic, another one I don’t get. Thousands of keys later, nothing. I am done with this game it is way to dang slow. On top of the new extremely slow grind to get your class levels, I can’t take this anymore.


The last few of these types of posts, I was able to post getting the mythic with few resources.
Well, not this time. Took 3400+ keys (including 500 gem) before she finally landed in my lap.


Any ace team’s made with her yet?


Got Suna , she feels more like a legendary than a mythic . I imagine she will get buffed like Undine did. No need to make her OP but atleast get her up to mythic levels of goodness.


@Timeknight, it’s purely because these kingdoms merged well on the wall. :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing with Suna, sometimes facing her, and i saw one major flaw on her: Barrier shuts her damage and life gain very easily.

She would be better if her spell was changed a little: Instead of Life Steal make her deal X True Damage to the weakest enemies and gain X Life twice.

This way she would at least get 50% value from her casts (not counting the Magic stolen), but without any extra gains from Faerie Fire. Still better than gaining nothing is the targets have barrier on them. (Something not so rare these days thanks to Talents and Dawnbringer.)


1600 Glory Keys, 115 Gem Keys, 65 VIP.
I’m not lucky


Don’t give up just yet, back at the day i had really bad luck trying to get Gargantaur (just for the full collection) and at last i got him very close to the end of his exclusive week using glory.

But if you feel like you shouldn’t commit more resources that may be used later in better Mythics that’s also very valid. Either way i wish you luck.