A New Mythic Approaches - Suna


She gets my approval. :+1:
(Only because of the third trait)


And Titania’s spell keeps the turn if a fairly low bar is cleared. Suna is cool, but I see few places I would use her instead of Titania.


Yes, both damage and life gain are 1.5 if the enemy has the faerie fire status


3000 seals and got the new mythic


Faery fire on all enemies when matching red gems would be more in line with a mythic 3rd trait imo.


4k seals no luck so switched to gem keys, 800 later:


1,000 glory keys and then switched to gem keys. First 200 again!!

My trick is rotating between keys.

Good luck to the rest of you chasing Suna!


Judging by her spell, she’s just basically a more expensive Gloom Leaf from the looks of it. I’d just save my glory keys and gem keys to put to use on a better mythic troop.


9.000 Guild Seals.


1000 Gem keys(mostly for ignotz) 5k guild seals. 1 mythic ignot, 2 legend what a waste lol

Oh and Suna


You really need to read that spell again…

She steals life from the weakest enemies and magic from the strongest ones… meaning she can kill things, and be even more likely to kill on a second cast… while softening the spell shots of enemy’s casters…

Gloom Leaf, meanwhile steals Armour, and is really not much use…

Unclear if her spell “damage” (the life steal) gets boosted by FaerieFire - it’s seriously bad design if it doesn’t… can anyone confirm? @shimrra @gouki @mithran?


It has been answered! and i can confirm.


35k glory, 45 vip chests, 400 gem keys, 13k seals, 2k glory keys… and no suna? I havent gotten the last 3 mythics… This is getting old.


Awesome! You got a gorbil!


Cheapest Mythic ever! 2 VIP keys = Nothing. 2 Guild Keys = 1 Suna! Makes up for the thousands of gem keys, glory, glory keys, guild seals I used and failing to get Uba. Can hoard my keys for next one now :+1:


Same, but I did finally get Dawnbringer and was able to ascend a ton, so I am happy nonetheless :slight_smile:


So… according to the lore…
She’s an undead fey :hugs:


Great job. I need 20k more souls then I’ll have db


Brilliant idea


When Fairie Fire first came out. Draakulis’s cast wasn’t buffed by it. Some Forperts (forums experts) told me Fairie Fire only works on damage. Since Drak “steals” life… Fairie Fire doesn’t buff it. Of course the devs never said a thing about it. But it was clearly bugged. I was upset because QA clearly didn’t test steal life at the time. No idea when it was ninja fixed. I would of saw it in the patch notes if it was “official”.