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Poems based on Gems of War

Suna, Suna
With hair of radiant gold
Suna, Suna,
How I long for you.


More please!!!

Gems of War, I know you so well.
It has been a long road, but not all has been swell.
Cash shops aplenty, and Myhtics so few.
Long gone are the days I used to love you.
But make no mistake, I will win the match.
Without hesitation, there won’t be a catch.
Ol’ Doordash is winning, on that you can bet.
After all, I have Ubastet.
He needs to be nerfed according to a thread posted on this forum.
That is not very nice, not proper decorum.
A new Mythic approaches, but first I’ll get lunch.
This Mythic is divine, much like the rest of the bunch.
My lunch is a sandwich, in fact one with tuna.
Gem chests gem chests, give me Suna.


Glory, seals, and gems
My stash to get a mythic
Suna or later.


Since Suna was desperately needed
To the chest screen a player proceeded
After thousands of keys
No Suna did he seize
So for a pity timer he pleaded.



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Gems red and bleu hatsjoo

One from my guild member…
Credit to BarleyMagroo

Hush little baby don’t you cry
Divine ishbaala will make them die
And if she doesn’t get the kill
I’m almost sure Infernus will
And lets just say Infernus don’t
Do you really think that Ubercat won’t?

Inspired by the current meta :laughing:


Whats the matter infernus still is better

Is Ubercat a new Mythic I haven’t heard about yet?

Maybe he hasn’t dropped for you yet like Suna :blush:

Splash screens,
Spinning wheel,

Your results,

Pick a team,
All the same,

Match gems,
Win or lose,

Skip reward,
Play again,

Welcome to Gems of War haiku hour…let’s start things off…

Furry and cat-like
With wings of blazing glory
Ubastet eats all

Fiery and fierce
This Divine that can’t be beat
Infernus burns all

Tiny, fluffy, cute
They captured our hearts right away
Pets are here to stay!

New poem event?
Need sigils to continue?
Oh crud, a gem sink.

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It costs 124686432 gems to enter payable to me.