A New Mythic Approaches - Scoprio

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New Mythic Troop: Scoprio Scoprio will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

Well, I got mine with my first open of Guild Chests.

Pity it’s just a poor-man’s Scorpius…

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22k seals. Expensive, but not sticker-shock expensive.
And I think people may be focusing on the 2nd part of the spell a little too much. With 3 Nysha’s my copy does 106 true damage to a targetable enemy. Add the 3 levels of bleed and it’s technically 109.
So, it is’nt the most powerful mythic. True damage is always useful somewhere. I even put it in my Campaign team, and it’s one-shotting anything it hits. Useful at the high end battles when even Tesla is’nt quite enough to finish the job. Could be handy in delves too.

Category Scoprio Scorpius
Mana Cost 22 28
Colors Green, Blue, Brown Purple, Yellow, Brown
1st Trait Poison enemies when doing Skull damage. Poison enemies when doing Skull damage.
2nd Trait Reduce damage from Skulls by 30%. Immune to all Status Effects, Devour, Lycanthropy, and Mana Burn.
3rd Trait Give 4 Attack to all Green Allies when matching Green Gems. All Brown Allies gain 1 to all Stats at the start of each turn.
Base Attack 16 22
Base Life 19 26
Base Armor 34 15
Base Magic 7 10
Troop Type Beast/Fey Monster
Ability 1st Part Deal [(Magic x 2) + 3] true damage to an Enemy. Deal [Magic + 15] damage to the last 2 enemies.
Ability 2nd Part Inflict Poison and 3 stacks of Bleed on them. The damage is lethal on any poisoned enemy.
Ability 3rd Part If they are already Poisoned, there is a 50% chance to kill them.

Scoprio basically does so much damage that it’s likely to kill your target even without the 50% lethal chance. There are very few troops that deal true damage multiplied by their magic twice. Megavore technically does true damage because it eliminates all armor first. Queen Beetrix does Magic x 2 true damage, but it’s scatter damage. The upcoming mythic Sagittarian does magic x 2 true damage, but no poison+bleed+lethal chance. Finally, TINA-9000 does Magicx2 max true damage to 3 random enemies, but also has a minimum of half of that. So it could just deal normal damage to all enemies.

In most situations, you’d probably be happier using TINA-9000 over Scoprio. If not TINA, Basilisk (anyone remember this one?) is more likely to do more damage than Scoprio in similar stat battle.

Scoprio’s secondary effect is its only saving grace and… well the 50% isn’t doing it any major favors… I guess Scoprio is still more useful than Amorak and Doomclaw when they don’t get their devours.


Works nice with Emeraldrin - base 107 true damage. Plus it’s a beast so you can scale it with a few other troops. Interesting scaling it’s attack with +4 green and +4 blue with Piscea.

Basilisk is a Rockstar :grinning:

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Super dumb nitpick, but why the hell is this troop a fey type??? There is zero synergy with fey in this kingdom. Of the three other insect creatures in Drifting Sands that aren’t Wildfolk, Sky Scorpion is a Beast, while Scarabi and Sand Scuttler are monsters. If this troop was a Beast Monster, it would have actually had synergy on a DS team. Dervish would make its spell something to be reckoned with, to the point that its stupid RNG second half wouldn’t even be needed.


Agreed. Scorpius is from there, and he lost a war with the Fey

Oof, don’t say that. You’re only reminding me that this game used to actually spend time and money on writers for actual lore, and made cool stories for each mythic as they released. The Wild Queen had a great one, then they released a troop called the Wild King years later that doesn’t look like it fits her lore in any way at all


you mean to tell me:

“This Magical Scorpion will deal massive true damage to an enemy, and inflict poison and bleed on them. He has a chance to kill an enemy already poisoned.”

isn’t lore? :rofl: :rofl: :partying_face:


I’m still wondering what it’s 3rd trait is about. We’re not going to mix skull damage and true damage…

They’re using a trait randomizer, aren’t they?

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I am also wondering.

I don’t believe it’s a randomizer. I believe it’s a “theme”, that all of these astrological mythics have a 3rd trait that’s “supportive” of troops of a single color. Even if it doesn’t make much sense or syngergize very well.

Scoprio doesn’t have to be the tank for that trait to kick in, and there are probably better Green troops with which to tank if you want to try and take advantage of that – e.g., the Lord of Slaughter. I just think it’s probably a clumsy team to try and take advantage of everything that Scoprio does; either you’ll need some non-Green troops to properly support it or you’ll probably be running a team that’s fiendishly mana-expensive.

But we can say “clumsy to synergize” about a great majority of troops.


@Kafka I am wondering why not a little more effort and thoughts is put into the Mythic troops? We see the monthly Mythics only 12 times a year. There is a handful of Beta testers to help you with balancing them, that has a ton of experience and understanding.

Why are they not used - when it is for the absolute very best for the game?


Ol’ reliable: they don’t care…

God knows, what we know for sure is that something is off. Whatever it is…

I don’t mind the single color support but what it does (on Scoprio).

I tried LoS but it still doesn’t feel like it does much, and yeah, it’s clumsy.

We have other mythics that haven’t traits that are all that great - but their spells are.

Scoprio is meh all around. :sweat_smile:

Even its name leaves you dubious there wasn’t a mistake somewhere :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: