A New Mythic Approaches - TINA-9000

Originally published at: A New Mythic Approaches – TINA-9000 – Gems of War

New Mythic Troop: TINA-9000

TINA-9000 will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.


first noot

Got it, 450 Guild Chests. The pic is wrong, old screenshot I assume - its 27-54 instead of 29, half value.

2511 Glory Keys, 1800 Gem Keys

That sucked! Wasted some luck on pulling 2 TPK earlier this week that I didn’t need…

Oh well, ordeal over.

2000 guild keys.
Her spell doesn’t work as it should. She doesn’t attack 3 enemies, she attacks 1-3 enemies. (or i’m missing something)

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We’re investigating an issue where Tina may not deal damage to 3 random enemies. If an enemy is killed in the process of dealing damage to 3 random enemies than the Spell will deal the remaining damage to the last enemy that is killed.


Got it! Only took 100 Glory keys and 100 Gem Keys. Thank you for making new mythics every month. Never stop doing what you are doing. You all do great. @Cyrup

We seem to have a rather… powerful… battlecrasher.


Birds. 10 char.

@TheIdleOne, same here on Xbox One, too… in regards to the major resource dump, I mean.

For me, it was 1900 Glory Keys and 1101 Gem Keys, the largest resource expenditure for me yet. :expressionless:

But, I did get the Mythic Mech, so that empty feeling does not reside, and I’m glad for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, of course, on Sunday, I’ll eleventh hour attempts at TPK, so who knows then, right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless:

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So this Mythic is better than I gave credit for a few months ago since 3 random enemies doesn’t mean 3 different enemies…

I was pretty sure Ship Cannon hit 3 different enemies, which makes this even more confusing to me… - I’m wrong

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Ship cannon can hit the same enemy more than once, even if there are 4 available targets

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Tesla is better. You know how much damage she will do (no random bullcrap)and no damage is wasted on dead troops.

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How do you know the spell deals the remaining damage to the last enemy that it killed instead of not happening at all? Also, if that is the case, doesnt it mean she is able to kill at most 1 troop?

I believe the way the spell is working is similar to ship cannon’s. If an enemy is chosen to be hit 2 times, and it dies after 1st hit, then 2nd hit wont happen. Similar so how infernus’ 2nd hit doesnt occur when the 2nd target is already dead from splash damage

10k guild keys.


Also Tesla scales.

Also an issue where after it casts sometimes every time after it only does damage to one troop period

Are you saying that sometimes it only deals damage once to one troop, kills that troop, and then deals no further damage, despite there being enemies still remaining? (Would be consistent with other explanations above re: Ship’s Cannon, Infernus)

A Mythic battle crasher for 6 days.
Who thought this was a good idea? Seriously though. :thinking:

(Exactly why Battle Crashers exist ^^)

No it still deals damage afterwards but will only deal it to one troop…Like it hits 3 troops but kills one…afterwards it only does damage to one random troop and it’s not tripled