A New Mythic Approaches - Phoenicia


Hmmm… Her spell description could be changed into: “Deal double damage if there is a Firestorm running.” To be more concise and in line with the description of the best and superior “birb” Taloca.


36k guild seals , 210 gem keys and 16k glory…nothing. By far the worst luck I’ve had with rng.


Why is the mythic for suncrest a kingdom of BIRDS, look like an elf with fiery wings??
Honestly tho


note the ears


Because the art department opted for a Naked Birb joke:


If you have, say 13 red gems on the board when she casts, or less and a few enemies burning, plus a Firestorm, that takes her damage to ~60 to all enemies, right? If you include a Bard on the team, that’s an extra 2 damage per turn. Doesn’t seem terrible (although depends which game mode) - I don’t have her, though :stuck_out_tongue:.


If you use Sunspear, you have a Firestorm every turn and even get some bonuses for Red allies, but that’s mostly the extension of her utility. Even if she could burn all enemies at once, the extra damage is ridiculous, and for a Mythic to have such mediocre trait…

I wouldn’t want this trait on a common card… There is a chance the trait will target the same enemy, it can target enemies who are immune and even if it manages to burn all enemies in four turns it just added 4 of damage, it’s utterly pointless!

If a chicken eats an alphabet soup it could probably crap a better trait for this mythic…


Using her on titty place with tai yao did 70 damage on first turn and another time 80 damage on second (ofc using sunspear and both times had a good starting board), while it may sound really good isnt, if i had titty on her place both was gonna be a turn 1 win.

There’s also the prob that if you leave TONS of red gems on board (like the 21 i had when did 80) x her to do max damage noneed to say what’s gonna happen on AI turn.

She need too many conditions (firestorm, lot of red gems) to do well and she dont do anything to help get those conditions (the chance of burning maybe had some use when multiplier was x4, with x1 is a joke).


Nah the real bad humor is the “spicy wings” mythic showing up on a day that’s literally 42C / 108F in dev land.


Yeah, and if you have a Sunbird and cast it like 8 times, Gargantaur does 100 damage.

This is called “setup cost”, and when a troop requires you to:

  1. Have the board set up a very specific way
  2. Bring at least one other troop around that has to trigger a trait or ablility

That’s a heavy cost. Think of any turn where you can’t use Titania or Mab. That’s the same kind of turn where your Christmasland Phoenicia doesn’t work out. Now imagine the opponent has “At the start of each turn, summon a {not Firestorm}.” Womp womp, now you can never get the 2x multiplier unless your Firestorm troop can cast its ability and give you a free turn.

It’s not that she doesn’t have upside, it’s just that by the time I describe what a team has to do to get that upside I’ve already won two matches with better mythics.


Same, 50 glory keys.

I haven’t seen a mythic pull in like a month though, so I guess it figures.


Ooft :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like that to describe the best case!

Part of evaluating a troop is objectively considering how hard it is to get to Christmasland. Ubastet was so good because he practically lives in Christmasland. Phoenicia’s got to do a lot more work to get there. I’m rooting for her, though. We just need a Stryx Ishbaala and Stryxfernus and then suddenly she’s always on :wink:


I agree it has some set up! I also think it’s not useless, particularly in non-end game scenarios and not necessarily in PvP.

To be fair, as well, 11 gems and a couple of burning enemies isn’t toooo far-fetched, imo, as well the fact that a missing gem here or there doesn’t ruin things. Having an opponent with “At the start of each turn, summon a {not Firestorm}" is still quite limited (for now) to Sunspear (beneficial), Umberwolf and Skadi, the latter of which is perhaps the most prevalent in PvP, but not what I’d call common.

On the other side of things, as you mentioned, creating the scenario of Firestorm/enough Red gems/mana filled is a fair task, and there are quicker/more devastating set ups (currently). I just don’t think it’s a complete bomb, like so many have implied, particularly when focusing on her trait as opposed to her spell (the reverse of the reaction to TPK). So yeah, like you said, there’s still hope (I don’t think she needs to be Ubastet-level nerfworthy to have her place, though).


Its a good deal, that’s why. Good deals are good deals and Ricky sees that. Plus there is already a thread discussing everyone’s opinions, including Sirrians comments on that specific topic. Bringing up your hurt feelings in other threads in not going to change anything.


@Changer, thanks for sharing, and yeah, math (and experience) would suggest that it’s just unfavorable RNG for the past two month’s attempts. (If I researched correctly, according to the Taransworld troop drop percentage calculator, during Mythic exclusivity, it’s like 4.69% for gem chests in bundles of fifty, and 5.26% for guild chests at 40k, or something. That’s certainly not favorable.)

That being said, I feel your disappointment. If I had depleted all my saved resources for naught, there is nothing that could/would provide fulfillment and satisfaction… 'cept maybe pulling the missed Mythic just randomly opening chests the following week.

I, too, can relate to that empty feeling. Champion of Anu still haunts me each time I boot up the game… can’t shake the emptiness left by all those resources used at attempts during the initial release, followed by a Sword’s Edge event week months later, where I used nearly all my gems on event chests in hopes of the Mythic. :disappointed:

Seriously, I still feel that disappointment… and yet, that pattern has repeated itself on two separate occasions since then.

That feeling of defying those abysmal odds and landing that Mythic is just too exhilarating.

Don’t get too down. RNG will be on your side soon enough. :slightly_smiling_face: