A New Mythic Approaches - Phoenicia


What a lousy mythic. Would make a mediocre legendary at 16 casting cost.


Anyone else got 100 gem for 2$ flash sale?

Well 10$ for 500 gems why not? :slight_smile:

Pretty sure they will make more money with this flash sale than the usual gems sales


2000 glory keys and 550 gem keys!! Happy with that :grin:


The worst I can say is she seems “average”. At first I didn’t notice her damage was boosted by red gems, that would’ve put her below-average. If you already have a team that can keep a Firestorm going and burns enemies, I can see her doing some work. I don’t see a game-breaker here, but whatever.

January 2018’s mythic was Gargantuar. It was the worst mythic of 2018 and is almost uncontested for worst in the game. So if that pattern continues, 2019 should be pretty good!




Where is this offer?


Worldmap under the Hero


Let me guess:

You also only figured out it was for gems after screaming “YES!” and slamming the button?


Yeah good sale but unfortunately they still
Got work to do on the publicity lol


Spent a bunch of resources because I’m a completionist, but outside of some weird yet-to-be-discovered Firestorm + Magic buff team I can’t see much use for her. That third trait. Ouch.

On the bench she goes. Bye… Phoenicia?


Because they don’t deserve our money after what they did to our guild mate.


Welp. I think that’s a good place to stop haha.


As absurd as the drop percentages are for Mythics, it still amazes me how players (myself included) are able to receive such favorable RNG on occasion. That feeling you get upon the cyan letter display of “New!” is indescribable.

And, that empty feeling you get upon resource depletion, resulting in no Mythic is just dreadful. :confounded:

But, as awryan posted earlier, the keys/gems accumulated will equate to better chances at obtaining the drop(s) you seek.

Btw, @Changer, and this is only if you do not mind sharing, what was your resource expenditure last month and this month in attempts at High King Irongut and Phoenicia, respectively?


I had used 500 seal keys, just under 5000 glory keys, 850 gem keys, and 200 vip keys and nada.

I did ascend some troops and have 10k diamonds, so I guess I’ll have to wait


Well, tried her a bit with flame troll, MC, friedchickenphoe and tpk, using sunspear class (so you got permastorm running except x 1 turn if you cast MC) and it work somehow.

Tried aswell in taiyao on titania place, kinda work but titania do a better job than her (seen she gain a extra turn you can win on turn 1 with a good start, with friedchickenpoe you cant).

Seen a burning enemy give same boost of a whooping ONE red gem imo isnt worth bother with burning.

Oh well, she isnt good but did better than i thought the first time i seen her (seen on Salty stream she had a lame 14 base damage but back then thought was Salty that had a really low magic hehe).


I got mine using only a couple hundred gem keys. Sadly she seems to be not so good.


This month I had fewer resources, but it was, roughly,

9k Guild Seals, at max chest level
800 Glory keys
18,000 Glory
250 Gem keys
1800 Gems

Last month, I had a fair bit more resources. I dont’ remember the exact numbers but these are my best guess as far as what I remember.

12k Guild keys, at max chest level
1200 Glory Keys
2200 Glory
600 Gem keys
4000 gems


Look at the bright side, at least you didn’t got a bad mythic…
No, wait… :skull:


I guess the 50% does hit often, because I sure got burned.


One annoying thing is that the one Suncrest troop that makes a Firestorm (Garuda) shares two of Phoenecia’s colors. Seems like it wasn’t really well thought-out.