A New Mythic Approaches - Phoenicia

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New Mythic Troop: Phoenicia

Phoenicia will be the only Mythic Troop available in Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP Chests for the next 7 days.

96 guild keys and 1k seals.


6,361 glory keys, didn’t pull it.

opened 200 gem keys… very 1st troop revealed was Phoenicia. Blah! (feels like I wasted 199 gem keys)

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I still think it should have at least doubled in any storm for the illusion of working with other stryx, but I guess no dice.


600 glory keys here, a happy camper i am! GOOD LUCK FELLAS!


so, what is exactly mythic on her? it`s not even legendary…


My cheapest mythic ever! 50 glory keys…:smile:


I’m fine with the two gem keys it took to acquire Phoenicia. :wink:

Now, we all wait for the future buff. :grin:



Nice nerf we got there compared to what she was supposed to be 1 month ago, wanted to try her on titania spot in taiyao team but as she is now titania is way better.

As good side, only costed 4k guild seals but that end her good sides :stuck_out_tongue:

2000 Glory Keys for the Humanwashed Legendary Stryx:


151 glory keys.

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Last month didn’t get the mythic after spending an entire month’s worth of saved up keys, gems, seals and glory, and the troop has still not appeared in the forge. And now this month, again, an entire month’s wroth of keys, gems, seals and glory… and nada. The odds for a mythic pull are far too low, being able to pull ONE single mythic after a month of daily play’s rewards saved up should not be too much to expect.

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How much you play doesn’t matter.
How many keys/gems you get does matter.
If your guild isn’t completing at least 20 LT a week then you’re at a severe disadvantage of getting the new myhtic regularly. But even my guild that does 70 LT a week usually has 1 or 2 members that don’t get the new myhtic. That’s just RNG man.

It’s an F2P game. For it to survive it will make it hard/impossible to get everything. So if 1 month of rewards guaranteed 1 mythic, the game itself would be broken.

I’ve looked into the math and with my level of play there’s about a 15%-25% chance I won’t get the mythic any given month. The way I handle that is I have some amount of keys I won’t spend, and if it’s one of the 3rd-string mythics like Phoenicia and I’m close to my limit, I assume this just isn’t my day and move on.


Is there any reason to use Phonecia instead of Worldbreaker? Same colors, but for 6 more mana, you get more guaranteed damage, better traits, mana generation, and extra turn potential.

If you have a firestorm + faerie fire going, the damage is respectable…

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500 Guild Chests
5000 Glory Chests
2400 Gem Chests

Last freaking set of Gem Chests I could open gets it … sheesh.

11000 guild seals
800 glory keys
And on the second try opening 50 gem keys, popped :slight_smile:

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Didn`t want to waste any ressources and have set a limit to all glory keys (~1400) and 50 gem keys. Received it with 50 gem keys. Depleted al my luck for the next 6 month

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